Van Natters selling real estate, promoting communities



Michelle and Eric Van Natter in front of one of their Liberty Hill properties. (Photo by Kate Ludlow)

Eric and Michelle Van Natter sell more than houses – they promote the community. Van Natter & Associates is open for business and they want to help you sell or find your new home.

Michelle was born and raised in the Georgetown and Liberty Hill area, and previously worked as a 911 dispatcher. Eric has lived in the Austin area since 1989, and has a background in small business management. When they both decided they needed a career change, they decided to work toward making people part of the community they both loved.

“Do the right thing, even when no one is watching,” said Eric of his approach to ethical customer service. “I believe in telling people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.”

Michelle works to provide follow-up service, so that the customer is  taken care of, even after the closing. She works to keep up with current market conditions so that a home can also be a good investment.

The husband and wife team give homebuyers a chance to have two realtors in one. They believe in staying hands on throughout every transaction, and hope to introduce families into the community.

“We take a no pressure sales approach to buyers. This is probably the largest purchase someone will ever make,” said Michelle. “We are not here to sell you a home, rather, we are here to help you locate your new home and make the process as easy and stress free as possible. There are other options for real estate in Liberty Hill, and not only do we handle the traditional marketing of your home, we bring something different to the table.”

To educate potential sellers, Eric and Michelle will do a free market analysis of a home to help determine a listing price in the current market.

“The area market is not the same as most of the country’s home market,” she said. “When most people watch the news or read about the home market, they are hearing national statistics.

“Our market has remained relatively stable when compared to the rest of the country.  Also, our market is changing. We are in transition from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. This can be seen by the number of home sales that have taken place is the preceding months. More importantly, it can be seen by the low inventory in the area,” she said.

Homes are more affordable now than they have ever been, said Michelle.

“Interest rates under 4 percent are being seen daily. In 1982, interest rates averaged 16.04 percent whereas Q1 2012 averaged 3.92 percent,” she said. “The past 30 year average interest rate is 8.32 percent.”

Eric said buying a home makes better financial sense. He provided an example.

“In October of 1981, the average home price was $82,500 with rates of 16.63 percent. The monthly payment was $1,147 with P&I, but the average rent was only $315 per month. In October 2011, the average home price was $242,300 with rates of 4.0 percent. The monthly payment was only $1,093 with P&I, but the average rent was $1,356 per month,” he said. “It’s hard to believe that you can buy a home today for $159,800 more than in 1981, yet your payment is $54 less.”

Eric and Michelle invite families considering a move to contact them. Visit their website  to search their properties.

Don’t make a move without “EM.”