Unique collectibles, antiques available at The Ranch House

Jenna Mount (left) and her mother Patsy Irvin (right) stand in front of some of the unique items at their newly opened Ranch House Antiques on Loop 332 in Liberty Hill. (Dana Delgado Photo)

Jenna Mount (left) and her mother Patsy Irvin (right) stand in front of some of the unique items at their newly opened Ranch House Antiques on Loop 332 in Liberty Hill. (Dana Delgado Photo)

By Dana Delgado

It’s been over 120 years in the making and owner Jenna Mount along with her mother Patsy Irvin can’t wait to share and offer their unique collection of vintage, primitive, antique and collectable items at their new business venture, The Ranch House Antiques, beginning today, Sept. 4.

The Ranch House Antiques is located at 1201 Loop 332 in Liberty Hill. The new business will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

“I’m so excited,” said the Liberty Hill resident and business owner.

After working out of her garage for a number of weekends, her entire blended family including her husband Mike and four young boys Keegan, TJ, and Aiden Mount along with Zach Follis and Sidney Moore have been busy readying the larger quarters near Liberty Hill’s downtown. The building previously housed a convenience store.

“We wanted to bring some business to Liberty Hill and help the city grow,” said Mrs. Mount. “We offer people some real nice things at reasonable prices.”

The core of the collection comes from the personal items and furnishings of a pioneer Hill Country family and their descendants. A doctor from England and his family settled in the Hill Country around 1887 on 10,000 acres and amassed an inordinate amount of items. Items have been passed down through generations while other items were added by subsequent generations.

Many of the items have until recently remained in storage. Mrs. Mount’s mother, Mrs. Irvin, was the family’s bookkeeper for 14 years and convinced them to make the unique items available to the public.

Any thoughts of selling the items at an estate sale or a garage sale were quickly discounted. After some discussions with her daughter, Mrs. Irvin asked her about the possibility of selling the collectibles in a store. The decision came quickly and the search soon began for a site.

“It just kind of fell in my lap and my husband thought I was crazy,” Mrs. Mount said. “I’ve always had a love for old and unique things.

Items available at the store include a vintage trumpet used in the Longhorn Band at the University of Texas. There is also McCoy Pottery and depression-era glass. Some of the items are more of a practical nature such as vintage tools and actively used and lived-with, everyday items.

Also in stock are every Hallmark ornament ever made. Mrs. Mount says there many other items that will be gradually taken out of storage, but their collection will also include a variety of oddities, gifts, furniture, dolls and doll houses, miniatures, plants, and art pieces from a variety of sources.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the community and seeing people enjoy the things we’re bringing in,”

Mrs. Mount said. Mrs. Irvin, who once had her own vintage and antique store in Johnson City and sold items in Llano and Marble Falls, will be assisting her daughter with The Ranch House. She was a manager for 15 years and retired in 2000.

Both mother and daughter said they have always been drawn to the hunt for that rare or unusual find at flea markets or garage sales. Mrs. Mount said she is attuned to the story behind the items as well.

“I’m so excited,” said Mrs. Irvin. “I have a good feel about it and we’ve had a great response from people in Liberty Hill. We plan to have a lot of fun and meet some new people.”

Items will also be accepted for sale through consignment. In addition, booths will be available to interested vendors.

“We want to bring in more vendors to bring economic growth to Liberty Hill,” Mrs. Mount said. “We also want to help people sell their stuff and work with organizations and support the school and just help each other.”

For more information visit The Ranch House on Facebook.