Three vie for one spot on LHISD Board



Two spots on the Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees are on the ballot May 4, but three candidates have crowded one spot – all seeking the Place 7 post – while incumbent Vickie Peterson did not draw an opponent in Place 6.

Incumbent Scott Lindquist is seeking reelection at the end of his first term on the Board, while challengers Megan Parsons and Terry Smith are looking to replace him.

Scott Lindquist
As his first three-year term comes to an end, Lindquist believes Board continuity is a good thing for the district moving forward.

“It wasn’t a question of if I wanted to do it,” he said. “I feel like we have a good thing going now with the group we have and I think a continued continuity of us working together is probably what’s best for the district going forward. It takes you a good deal of time to get comfortable with understanding all the legalities of being a board member and we’re to a point now where everyone who is on there is actually really comfortable with each other and we’re able to make good decisions as a group now. It took us a while to get to that point.”

Citing the current work being done to finalize a police force for the district is something he has been proud to be part of recently, Lindquist primarily focused his praise on the teachers and administrators.

“A lot of it I can’t take credit for as a board member, it’s the administration and the teachers that do a good job,” he said. “I want to commend them on our school results and our report card with the state. All of that looks good on us as a school board, but it’s because of the teachers and administration.”

His past, present, and focus on the future are what Lindquist plans to campaign on.

“I’ve been here, went to school here, been here since I believe 1984,” he said. “With my history of knowing what Liberty Hill was, where we’re at now and where we’re looking to go, it’s about trying to keep some of those things we have had that everyone loves about Liberty Hill, along with the experience I have doing this already and guiding us to where we need to go.”

Megan Parsons
With eight years of involvement in the Parent Teacher Organization in Liberty Hill — three of those as a President — Parsons said running for school board is the next step in being involved more deeply in the district.

“I have been President of the PTO for three years, first at Liberty Hill PTO and then two years at Burden and I’ve been able to impact students, teachers and parents on that level,” she said. “For me, being on the school board means I will just get to expand the level of impact.”

She wants to focus on how to attract and keep quality teachers to Liberty Hill and help make sure the district is ahead of the coming growth, especially now in the higher grades.

“Everybody knows that growth is a thing that is happening out here and it has hit the elementary schools hardest where I’ve been focused,” Parsons said. “I want to make sure that our high school is prepared for the massive growth that is going to be hitting it in a few years and that we have continuity and a smooth transition for that.”

The other issue Parsons is campaigning on is quality communications.

“It is a constant battle to try and figure out the right ways to communicate and get the information out there, especially on the broader spectrum, and communication hasn’t always been there at the school board level,” she said.

Terry Smith
This is Smith’s first time to run for office and while he has only been in Liberty Hill ISD for a little over a year, he said he wants to be a part of what’s happening in the district.

“I want to get more involved with the community,” he said. “I figure if Liberty Hill is going to be my home for a while I need to be more involved.”

The key issue Smith is looking to talk about and work for changes on as he campaigns for the Board seat is school safety, particularly how the district accounts for students.

“I want to be involved in children’s safety,” Smith said. “I want to look at the dismissal process at the schools and focusing on how children are accounted for.”

Election details
Election Day is May 4, with early voting running from April 22-30. Anyone who has not registered to vote will have until April 4 to do so.

In addition to coverage in The Independent throughout the campaign, the newspaper will host its annual Candidate Forum April 16 for candidates in both the City Council and School Board elections.

Each candidate has filed the modified campaign finance declaration, declaring their intent to not spend more than $500.

If any candidate should exceed the $500 limit, they must file an amended finance report at that time.