The magic returns with Whimsy & Wonder


A whimsical beginning to a new tradition in 2019 left the community wondering in 2020 when the magic would return. This month, Whimsy & Wonder is back.

The interactive art and music festival is set to bring Liberty Hill residents a wide variety of art and entertainment on May 15, where a walk down Loop 332, from RM 1869 to the water tower parking lot will bring live music, art activities and art vendors.

“I think I’m most excited for Dale Watson. Last time we didn’t have a big stage for the street dance. That is new this year,” said Liberty Hill Communications Manager Katie Amsler. “He’ll come on after all the other musicians have stopped. At Quick Service Garage, I have a group called Big Wy’s Brass Band, and they’re seven or eight kids playing brass instruments. We’ll also have a harpist named Sarah Hall from (The University of Texas). She plays modern songs on her harp. At Veteran’s Park, we’ll have Oatmeal Sound Company, and we’ll have Matt Brown, one of our wastewater technicians who has a band.”

The festival is looking to Malted Grains, Hell or High Water Brewery, and Parker’s Market for their food needs.

“Hell or High Water and Malted Grains will both be having food and drinks for sale,” said Amsler. “Parker’s will be open and selling food and drinks, too. I want them to make lots of money. Malted Grains will be inside, and Hell or High Water will set up a tent outside.”

As citizens roam from vendor to vendor, they can enjoy a variety of entertainment, from strolling magician Cody Fisher’s close-up magic to Scott Wade’s dirty car art. Folks can even get their portrait done on a tortilla.

The water tower parking lot transforms into the Imagination Garden for one day, becoming a central location for kids to flock to.

“Kids can check out a bucket of chalk, and they’ll have squares marked where they can do their chalk art,” said Amsler. “We have a giant bubble artist. We’re going to have a guitar station where kids can sit down and try out the guitars, and we’re going to have vinyl spin art.”

The newly-paved parking lot provides a convenient space for two shows for kids to experience.

“We’re going to have a performance tent. It’s going to be Hideout Theater, and they do improv comedy. They’re doing kids shows, and the kids help guide the direction of the show. That show will alternate with the Liberty Hill Police Department and their bike rodeo. The PD will be giving away a few bikes as well,” she said.

The new event Amsler hopes attendees will get involved with is the Open Mic Show and Go. Participants can sign up for a three-minute slot at the Main Stage from 6–8 p.m. Participants have the opportunity to share and discuss their art, sing a song, recite a poem or do anything related to music and art.

“I borrowed the idea after seeing a story in the Houston Chronicle,” said Amsler. “It was about the Woodlands Art Club, and they do something called Art Feel. It’s where they have a stage, and people sign up to talk about their art and present a piece. Since we aren’t showing art indoors, I thought this was a great alternative.”

Parking for the event will be in several areas.

“We have four parking lots. Fellowship Church, Liberty Hill Elementary, Cross Tracks Church, and One Chapel Church,” said Amsler. “We’ll have six pedicabs to transport people, or they can walk down the street. It’s all pretty close.”

For those looking to start the festivities early, there will be Whimsy & Wonder pre-parties to attend.

“Fellowship Church is having their own Whimsy & Wonder pre-party,” said Amsler. “They’ll have activities going on at the church, and they’re starting at 5 p.m. so people can show up early and get a parking spot and do some activities until we start. Agape BBQ is also doing a pre-party with live music from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.”