The Independent is proud to launch The Independent Together Grant program making $25,000 in advertising grant funds available to locally-owned businesses who need some assistance in keeping their marketing plan up and running during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Independent has long been the local advertising solution for businesses, and we know that our success is only as good as your own. Every business in our community is part of the foundation that allows us choices as consumers of healthcare, insurance, auto parts, home goods, dining options, and so much more. We also know that the opportunity to reach customers through our community newspaper doesn’t mean much at a time like this if there are no funds for it.

There are options at every turn now with government-backed programs to help cover operating and payroll costs. The Together Grant Program is open to any locally-owned business and is strictly for advertising in print, online, and on our social media pages. Other forgivable loan programs won’t cover these costs in most cases.

Participating is as easy as filling out the short application below.

The application is simple, but we do ask that you explain how the pandemic has impacted your business, creating this need for marketing assistance, and tell us how you plan to turn this grant into a benefit you can pass on to another segment of our community in need.

Our hope is that these grant funds multiply as they move through the community, touching everyone, and meeting many needs, and for that we need your help.

Will you make a donation of a portion of your sales to a local charity, or help provide meals to first responders as they work day and night through this crisis? Or even simply offer a discount on goods and services so that our common customers benefit in some way? The possibilities are endless.

We can’t imagine this community without each and every business, and as your community newspaper, we hope that this new program will help provide a part of the support someone needs to focus on continuing to build a bright business future in Liberty Hill.

Applications are now being accepted and anyone is welcome to apply. As we select participants we will call and set up your program, determining the right message and right ad size for you. The program is set to run through June 2020, but the sooner you apply the sooner we can help plan out that perfect marketing message, sharing it across the community in more than 2,000 homes in print and online. Many grants will be awarded and advertising must be used during those months.

The Independent Together Grant program is one small way we can bring us all closer in this time where we are forced apart.


To receive part of The Independent Together Grant, you must be a locally-owned business impacted by COVID-19. Complete the application form below. A representative from The Independent will reach out to your business within two business days to let you know if you qualify.

Send email to us or call (512) 778-5577.

The Independent Together Grant Application