Supporters, protesters gather for Trump visit


Anthony Flores
Staff Writer

Protesters and supporters lined the streets as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of President Donald Trump for a visit to an Austin Apple facility.
Apple recently announced that the Austin location will be manufacturing its new line of Mac Pro computers, not China. The announcement drew the attention of President Trump, and directly led to the Commander in Chief’s visit.
Joining the president were several high-ranking officials such as: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow; Senior Advisor to the President and son-in-law Jared Kushner; and presidential advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump.
The polarizing figure’s visit prompted a strong response from both supporters and protesters Wednesday afternoon, who arrived in large numbers with signs of all kinds, positioning themselves directly across from each other. Police presence was heavy given the situation, and traffic in the area slowed to a stop.
As time passed, more people arrived, some as entire families others on their own, making the trip to show their support, to protest, or simply curious to see the spectacle.
The often-controversial figure and head of InfoWars, Alex Jones, was in attendance for the event, often chanting inflammatory statements, about Apple, China and sharing his own theories on the fate of Jefferey Epstein.
For Carol Nichols, the need to be out and present to support her president against the what she called the flurry of criticism being flung his way was important, and for the Trump supporter his record speaks for itself.
“If you look at his record, blacks have more employment, women have more employment, Asians have more employment, stock is up, jobs are up,” said Nichols “People need to really look at what’s going on.”
Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and avid supporter of the president, Robert Andrews joined other supporters because for the veteran the protection of the U.S. Constitution is first and foremost, saying he believes “President Trump is the best representative we have of those two documents.”
Andrews also said term limits only serve to hamper the progress he believes has been made under the Trump administration.
“I think if we’re going to really get down to the nuts and bolts of things it we should repeal the two-term restriction on the President and let’s have Trump for the next 40 years like the people in congress do,” he said.
While Andrews and Nichols view the President one way, members of the opposing side see him in a completely different light. Veronica Schlueter sees Trump as someone who doesn’t care for people and only looks out for himself.
“I was born and rasied a Texan and I’ve never seen anything like that in a president,” said Schlueteer. “A couple of presidents were impeached for a lot less than what President Trump has done.”
Congress is currently holding impeachment hearings after accusations that President Trump sought the aid of the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.
Former Liberty Hill resident Doug Simmer has a long list of issues with the President, but one stands above the others.
“I think it’s the lying primarily, you wouldn’t want a president that lies almost every single day,” said Simmer. “Frankly that tweeting thing, no one has seen anything quite like that before so he’s writing some new rules and I don’t care for them at all.”
Simmer, despite being on the opposite side of the issue, would just like the opportunity to sit and have a civil conversation with those who don’t share his political beliefs.
“What I would expect from them is to be able to sit across the table and have a calm conversation with me about what they think, and I think,” he said.
Regardless of what political ideal you back, regardless of Republican or Democrat, Trump solicited a powerful response Wednesday.