Stevens seeking Place 3 on LHISD Board


Charlene Stevens is a registered nurse who has lived in the school district since 2012 and in Texas since 1992. A naturalized citizen in 2019, she is originally from Canada.

She believes her background makes her well-suited to serve right now with so many health-related issues facing educators today.

“I’m confident my healthcare background will be an asset to the board,” she said. “I think it will bring a different perspective considering our current COVID-19 concerns.”

When she talks about COVID-19, she doesn’t only mean the threats from the virus, but the other impacts being seen related to mental health.

“It is evident from my career that I’m concerned about the health of the community and especially concerned with the mental health of our children,” she said. “They are really challenged by the restrictions we currently have in place.”

Finding a way to get children back in school is at the top of her list of concerns.

“My main thing is getting them back to school full time, as long as it is done in a safe manner for everyone,” she said. “The effects of isolation on the children we’re yet to see. As a nurse, we see the anxiety frequently.

“I volunteered before on different boards regarding our vulnerable populations,” she added. “I recognize the amount of anxiety that parents and children and I have had during these times, and I think we definitely need to focus on that. I do think the school district has done a fabulous job, but I know there is still a lot of anxiety out there.”

Stevens has been a registered nurse for 29 years, and she is currently finishing work on her MBA. Her children are grown and did not attend Liberty Hill schools, but she said this is the right time in her life to be able to step in and give more to the community.

“I’ve volunteered in other aspects in my past,” she said. “Not in this school district, but time has opened up now. I was busy raising my family, going to school and working two jobs, and now I feel like I have the time.”

She chose the school board because of the critical impact education has on a community.

“I want to be involved in the community and the critical place is the school board, I feel,” Stevens said. “I chose the school board because the schools directly influence our communities as our children grow into adults. Because of the fast growth – and I’ve done a lot of reading on Liberty Hill and can see what’s happening – it is exciting and this is a great opportunity to get involved and support my community.”

She supports the bond proposal on the May ballot but knows it is a lot for people to consider.

“I’m in agreement with the bond, of course,” she said. “We’re given limited information, just the amounts, what it’s being used for, and that is a lot for people to wrap their minds around.”

To help people digest so much information, and be more in tune with what’s needed in the district, Stevens said a continued focus on encouraging more parental engagement is a critical task for the school board.

“I know there are many volunteer opportunities and parents do a great job at supporting their kids with extracurricular activities, but there are a lot of other opportunities to become involved and that would be a focus of mine.”