STAFF NOTEBOOK: Want to help the Liberty Hill band program?


Want to help the Liberty Hill band program score the extra cash to help offset the costs of many things that our tax dollars don’t actually cover? Concert trips, instruments and repairs for kids whose parents don’t have extra cash laying around, band scholarships? We do.

That’s why The Independent is sponsoring the Liberty Hill band fundraiser this year. Band students  will be calling on their families and friends to subscribe to the newspaper or renew their subscriptions this month. We are donating 50 percent of every subscription sold and renewed back to the band to help with all of their worthy projects. Everyone needs to subscribe to Liberty Hill’s award-winning hometown newspaper and now it’s easy to help the band by simply reading The Independent.

You can do it today by going to our  website,, call us or clip the coupon on Page 9.   Don’t forget to tell us which band student you wish to be credited with your subscription. Top student sellers will receive gift cards.

Journalists are parents, too, of course. And we share the same unwelcome tasks that invade your life this time of year. Perhaps nothing brings home to your door the bizarre world of education as quickly as a grinning kid with a colorful brochure of all the fundraising items that they (meaning YOU parents) will have to peddle to keep the extra-curricular program properly funded.

For the record, we have suffered through every kind of fundraising scheme there is. We have carried around cookies, magazines, melted candy bars and other goods and services that we’re too proud to detail. My husband once took several cases of Girl Scout cookies to the Capitol where he gave them away to hungry legislative staffers. His trusted assistant reported back to me that he simply went to the ATM, withdrew enough cash to cover the cookies, put it in the envelope and reported back to us that his part was done. I briefly wondered why everyone in the Capitol paid in cash, but decided not to ask too many questions. Then, I tried to reconcile the checkbook.

Now, we are on our third and final offspring and she has been in band since the first day it was offered to her. We are extremely proud of Liberty Hill’s band program and are happy to use our resources to help in a bigger way. Over the years, we have soldiered through a seething variety of weird fundraising projects without complaining. But last year as we handed out buckets of once frozen cookie dough that could be turned into nasty-tasting cookies, a strange look passed over my husband’s face and he swore a blood oath to never do that again.

Now you know how to help save a band student from the horror of carrying around little buckets of raw cookie dough. Subscribe today, save your diet and help a good band kid in Liberty Hill.

~ Shelly Wilkison