STAFF NOTEBOOK: Chickens are welcome in Liberty Hill


There is a new atmosphere around City Hall these days. Folks don’t seem to be as focused on gotcha politics, personal paybacks and replaying the same tired, old grudges from week to week. In fact, people seem to want to get things accomplished. That’s good news and it sure beats sitting around griping.

Let’s hope that sweet wind keeps blowing.

And just as we head into the heavy, hot, steaming dog days of summer there seems to be some good news that will even make the meanest among us stop and smell the fried chicken.

Liberty Hill’s newest restaurant, Chicken Express, is opening in the coming weeks.

This will mean some great part-time jobs for local kids and several much-needed permanent jobs for our local adult labor market.

When even the smallest business opens in Liberty Hill it brings a little pocket of financial boom to our local economy. Someone sells the real estate and builders hire folks to do all the construction work. Excavation, concrete work, electricians, carpenters, and painters each get a piece of the chicken.

The restaurant benefits local folks by creating jobs and paying local property taxes and generating sales tax revenue for the City of Liberty Hill.

Of course we aren’t laying claim that a fast food restaurant is the answer to our local economic issues. But, hey it’s a start, and likely a sign of new life that means more businesses will follow.

And besides that, we’re betting it’s going to be delicious.

– Charley Wilkison

34 days and counting

Liberty Hill schools start in 34 days — August 26!

“It hardly seems possible” and “Where has the summer gone?” are common expressions throughout Liberty Hill these days as parents begin preparing for the hectic days of Back to School shopping, practices for fall sports and other extra-curricular activities.

At Liberty Hill High School, Principal Bobby Mabry says the majority of students will actually return to the campus on August 1 as most are involved in sports, band, cheer and dance — all of which begin daily preparation well before the official start of school.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Assistant Superintendent Robert Parks reported all of the campus projects being completed this summer by school maintenance crews. The list was a reminder that summertime is actually the busiest time of year for many school district employees whose duties are critical to the successful start of school.

Here are a few facts worth noting as we all anticipate the start of a new school year:

– Liberty Hill school buses will travel 309,000 miles delivering students to school and back home every day. There are 24 morning bus routes and 28 afternoon routes, as well as one mid-day route for special needs students. Another 98,000 miles will be traveled by buses transporting students to extra-curricular activities and an additional 10,000 miles will be traveled by distrcit vehicles for staff development. The school district will take delivery on three new school buses in the coming days and the search continued for safe bus drivers.

– When improvements are complete on CR 277 next to the high school, the once narrow and dangerous road that served as a student entrance the campus will have two lanes and a center turn lane at the intersection with SH 29. Construction was financed by Williamson County road bonds and the road will be open well before the start of school.

– Speed bumps will be placed in various locations in the high school parking lot in an attempt to slow down teen drivers…and their parents.

– The new track between the Liberty Hill Intermediate and Liberty Hill Junior High schools is complete and ready for students this fall.

Back to School 2014

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– Shelly Wilkison