Salon 29 celebrates 10 years in business


By Rachel Madison

When you leave Courtney Harrison’s stylist chair at Salon 29, not only does your hair look and feel great, but you also feel like you’ve just spent a couple hours with a close friend.

This type of rapport with clients is just one reason Harrison’s salon has been such a long-running business in Liberty Hill. In fact, as of June, the salon has been operating for a decade.

Harrison, owner and stylist at Salon 29, first found a love for styling hair when she was a teenager. Her mother’s best friend, Belinda Proctor, owned a salon where Harrison worked. She did things like wash towels and sweep, but she also got a chance to watch the stylists.

“I loved to watch [Belinda], “she said. “It was fascinating to me to watch her and how she could turn a picture into somebody’s head. I already had an interest to do hair because of her, but that sparked it even further. What’s even more interesting is the woman I bought [Salon 29] from, Delilah Williams, worked at Belinda’s salon at the time.”

After graduating from Paul Mitchell Beauty School in June 2010, Harrison sought Williams out for a job.

“She had opened the salon two years before I graduated in 2008, and that’s how I ended up working here,” Harrison said. “I sat here all day every day waiting for the phone to ring and waiting for walk-ins. It took eight years to build the clientele I’ve got now.”

After working for Williams for a couple of years, the owner wanted someone to buy the salon from her because she had started a family.

“I think I was the last person she expected to say yes [to buying the salon] because I was only 21, but I did it,” Harrison said. “I graduated cosmetology school in June 2010 and all the financing and paperwork went through in June 2012. If someone had told me two years after I graduated cosmetology school I would own a salon, I would have said, ‘yeah, right.’”

The salon, which Williams opened in 2008, was originally called Delilah’s Salon. When Harrison bought it, because it was mid-year, she kept the original name for six months and then changed the name to Salon 29 in January 2013 to keep from confusing clients.

“This anniversary is to celebrate the salon being open for 10 years and six years of me owning it,” Harrison said.

When Harrison purchased the salon, it included both Suite A and Suite B of the strip center it’s in, as well as a tanning salon called Tan Your Hide.

“We kept it that way for three years, but after that point we decided it made more sense to move everything into just Suite A,” Harrison said. “Slowly but surely we’ve changed it more and more to be the place I’ve envisioned.”

The salon no longer offers tanning, and Harrison has also done some minor renovations to keep up with other new salons coming to town, she said.

“We try to keep up with the new salons to make us equally attractive to clients and to attract new stylists who may want to come work with me,” she said. “There are a lot of stylists that have been in Liberty Hill longer than I have, but they typically move around every few years. To the best of my knowledge, we are the longest running hair salon in the same location in Liberty Hill.”

Harrison added that she also sets herself apart by using as many chemical-free products as possible. She uses the Moroccan Oil line of hair care products and all the hair color she uses is certified organic.

Andrea Fass is a part-time stylist who also works with Harrison. She is currently building her clientele and is taking new clients.

“She’s been doing hair for more than 30 years,” Harrison said. “She’s a very experienced stylist.”

Harrison is also currently looking for another full-time stylist to join her salon.

Services offered at Salon 29 include haircuts and colors for women, men and children. Harrison said they can do everything from traditional highlights to popular trends like mermaid hair.

“I like to do color, but I’m capable and able and talented in all things hair,” Harrison said. “I like to be challenged. Some stylists, when they are shown a picture of a funky haircut or color, get afraid and say they can’t do it because they don’t want to try. I like to be challenged and figure things out. I love that hair is an art. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Harrison is hosting a 10-year anniversary celebration at Salon 29 on July 21 from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be appetizers and prizes awarded throughout the evening.

“I’m going to be giving away a cut and color service with a whole bunch of product valued at $200,” Harrison said. “You have to be present to win. It’s going to be a great time to just get together and hang out and get to know people. The event is open to the community. It’s for anyone who’s heard about us and is curious.”

Harrison said in the future, she hopes Salon 29 keeps “rocking and rolling” and becomes a full, booming salon with five or six stylists, including herself.

“I want to be the salon that people think of in Liberty Hill,” she said. “I could definitely make a lot more money if I worked somewhere in Austin, but I enjoy the type of clientele that Liberty Hill brings. They are nice, down-to-earth people.”

Salon 29 is located at 14745 W. State Highway 29 in Liberty Hill. For more information, hours and appointments, call (512) 778-5155 or visit Salon 29 is also on Facebook and Instagram.