Ross hired as manager of new River Ranch County Park



Williamson County Parks and Recreation is welcoming Robert Moss as the new manager to lead the development of the River Ranch County Park near Liberty Hill.

Moss has spent his life in the parks business, working in the field in different places over a career spanning 30-plus years.

“I’ve been in the parks business my entire professional career; I started as an hourly and seasonal employee with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department quite a number of years ago,” he said. “I worked in the state park system for 24 years.”

Before joining the Williamson County Parks and Recreation department, Moss started and cultivated a parks department for Marble Falls. After serving for over a decade, the parks veteran decided to retire.

“I moved to the city of Marble Falls and started up the parks department there,” he said. “Before 2007, they did not have a parks department. I went in there and set things up and was there for 12 years. I retired from both the state and the city administratively.”

Retired life for many is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the land of milk and honey, the reward for a career filled with hard work. For Moss, it was short lived before the itch to return to his true passion kicked in.

“I was retired for about two months and realized I was not ready to stop working,” he said. “I was bored and had been in the business for so long and knew I could continue doing what I loved to do. I started looking for parks work again and found out about this job, applied for it, and now here I am. It’s a passion. It’s what gives me purpose.”

With his vast experience developing parks projects, Williamson County believes he’s the right person to see the new County Park reach its completion.

The park, located along the San Gabriel River, is scheduled to open later this year. Despite the current pandemic, things are moving forward as planned.

“We’re shooting to open this calendar year, it’s well along, and most of the buildings and structure in the park are close to complete,” Moss said. “The Williamson County Park staff has done a lot of work on the trails and getting the signage up. It’s moved along very well. I don’t think the pandemic has affected what’s going on out there. If we keep moving at the pace we are, I fully expect to be online by the end of the calendar year.”

The park will be just under 1,400 acres with 20 miles of trails within the park. There will be 25 sites for recreational vehicle camping and several walk-in camping sites as well. Trails will be multipurpose trails that allow for hikers and horses. All motorized vehicles and mountain bikes will be prohibited.

“What gives me satisfaction is helping create a place where people can come out and enjoy themselves. This is going to be a pristine location,” said Moss. “Eventually, it will be surrounded by the city and development. It’ll remain a natural and quiet place to escape the city life.”