Quinn leaves LHHS soccer

Soccer Coach Kelsey Quinn has accepted a position at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. (LHI File Photo)

Soccer Coach Kelsey Quinn has accepted a position at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. (LHI File Photo)

By Taylor Grafft

For the second time this month the Liberty Hill community is losing one of their star coaches. Girls soccer coach Kelsey Quinn announced her resignation June 17, and then accepted a job at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock.

Quinn will serve as the girls soccer coach and junior varsity volleyball coach for the Lady Raiders.

During the last week of school, Quinn said she received a call from Kim Fuller, her former soccer coach at Cedar Park where Quinn attended high school. Fuller now works at Cedar Ridge High School as the head volleyball coach.

Fuller told Quinn about the job opening and details about Cedar Ridge. Originally Quinn wasn’t looking to make any moves out of Liberty Hill, but after listening to Coach Fuller she said she decided to at least go in for an interview.

“The last day of school I went in for an interview and it seemed like a great fit,” Quinn said. “I liked the staff in place, the administration, and the facilities.”

A week later, Quinn received a phone call that the job was hers if she wanted it.

Quinn who already lived in Round Rock and was making the commute to Liberty Hill every day, sat down with her husband and discussed the pros and cons of taking the new job, she said. Ultimately they decided that the move to Cedar Ridge would be better for their family.

Quinn spent five years as a coach at Liberty Hill ISD at both the junior high and high school level. The last two years she has been Liberty Hill High School’s girls soccer coach.

The first year was counted as an unofficial season, so the team played in scrimmages and tournaments. The focus was on building interest for soccer in Liberty Hill through the summer camp, and getting fans in the community to come out and watch their matches.

In the second year, the program was finally allowed to compete for real in a UIL-sanctioned season. Quinn led the team to the Regional Quarterfinals in the post season, and built upon that strong foundation throughout the school year.

Quite a few players from that regional quarterfinalist team had never played soccer competitively before, but Quinn and her staff made it their priority to help those girls grow.

“It was exciting to watch them because some hadn’t even seen a soccer ball before,” Quinn said. “To see the progress they made by the end of the season and where they ended up individually was awesome.

“I see nothing but good things for Liberty Hill’s future in soccer,” Quinn added.

Quinn still plans on helping run the Liberty Hill summer soccer camp next week.

It’s not officially known who will take over Quinn’s role as the girls head coach, but the next coach will have plenty of talent and experience to work with on next season’s roster.