Pre-K Corral offers students individualized attention



Instructor and school owner Imelda Anderson and student Chloe Bailey have a tea party at Pre-K Corral, Liberty Hill’s newest pre-school.
(Photo by Kate Ludlow)

For a small class size, hands on approach to learning, and curriculum based on kindergarten readiness, check out the newly opened Pre-K Corral.

Located on RR 1869, Pre-K Corral offers children a model for their educational and spiritual success.

“I very much believe in learning through play, through games, and through music. At this age, it’s lots of introduction, but I am always really impressed by how much they learn,” says Imelda Anderson, owner of the pre-school.

The class is small, designed for only six students, but that allows each student to have more focus on them.

Mrs. Anderson worked with her husband to finish out the building themselves, which boasts a Reading Loft, a special area where the little ones can go to play and read from Pre-K Corral’s library. Underneath is a play center and computer room, perfectly sized for the three to five year olds the center teaches.

“Every week, we do a different letter, and the words that go with that letter. This week was the letter F. We also do a different number and a shape, plus a new bible theme each week. Each week, I also tie in a social studies or a science theme,” says Mrs. Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson grew up in Ireland, later attending Nursing College at the Royal College of London. She then studied midwifery at Charles Frears School of Nursing in Leicester. From there, Mrs. Anderson felt called to missionary and spent years traveling throughout Europe and Asia.

It was in India that she met the man she would marry, Jerry, a native Texan who grew up in East Texas.

“He used to go to Southwestern (University), and went to a church in Leander. So when we moved here, this area was natural.” The Andersons moved to Liberty Hill in 1999.

Mrs. Anderson previously worked for Summit Christian Academy, spending two years at its Cedar Park campus and then four years at the Leander Campus.

“I was considering nursing, but my British qualifications didn’t transfer to the states. My church was affiliated with the school, and they needed teachers – were praying for teachers – so I signed on,” she said. “They were ASCI (Association of Christian Schools International), so I could work and study to be accredited. I now have a Bachelor’s in Theology and Christian Education.”

Dottie Bailey, whose daughter, Chloe, goes to Pre-K Corral, followed Mrs. Anderson to Liberty Hill.

“She had taught my son when he was in pre-k at Summit Academy. I always wished she could teach my daughter as well,” said Mrs. Bailey. “When Mrs. Anderson opened this center, she sent me a message, and it just happened to be at exactly the time we needed her for our daughter. I thought, ‘This is the answer to my prayers!’ She honestly, genuinely loves the kids and cares for them. She has a way with them that makes them want to learn.”

Pre-K Corral currently has open spots for children, ages three to five who are fully potty trained.

To learn more about Pre-K Corral, visit the website or call Mrs. Anderson at (512) 778-5930.