Pezold seeking place on Council


A resident of Liberty Hill for more than 15 years, developer Chris Pezold said he has been blessed in his time in the community and wants to see the city grow in the right way with the right attitude.

He said he doesn’t want to see a repeat of the previous administration, pointing to the tenure of former Mayor Rick Hall, and wants to see more transparency from elected officials.

“Right now what’s really prompted me to run is I’m not seeing the transparency that I believe a town of our size should have,” he said. “I don’t want to feel like I distrust my council, but because of the lack of clarity in a lot of the decisions I’m left scratching my head.”

He also said it is time the council and staff had a reinforced focus on public service.

“We need an attitude of service from the city,” Pezold said. “We need an attitude where people that work here need to be gracious, they need to be service oriented and not acting like they will tell you what you need to know, taking away your right to talk freely off of agenda items. We can’t act like we don’t want anyone questioning us.

“I don’t think everyone on the council is bad,” he added. “In my heart of hearts I have to believe everyone is up there trying to do their best, but when we don’t have clarity people start to worry. I want truth. I don’t want there to be a repeat of having someone on the dais that is bought and paid for by somebody else.”

Pezold has housing developments in downtown Liberty Hill, and said he has always wanted to focus on that area as the center and character of the city.

“At one point, downtown Liberty Hill was a center that would bring people in from miles around,” he said. “Now we’re in this renaissance period and I want to make sure that Liberty Hill grows, but make sure we grow the heart of Liberty Hill in this time and really bring it back. That’s what’s unique about Liberty Hill. Even though we don’t have the Main Street of Fredericksburg or the square of Georgetown we can still create a really neat, sprawling downtown area that’s a great heart for the city.”

With much of his development background in residential development, Pezold is eyeing opportunities for increased affordable and multi-family options in his own projects and others that may come to town. Not only do these help residents afford living in the community, it helps grow the local economy.

“I’ve always been about affordable housing,” he said. “When you look at Liberty Hill right now, with $90,000 over the median home price in Austin, we don’t have any affordability here. We need to develop downtown and get multifamily so we can get affordable housing that will grow our businesses and feed them employees.”

Pezold’s entire career has been in commercial construction and he believes that will help in serving on the council in a city growing like Liberty Hill.

“I understand utility work,” he said. “We’ve built about everything. I’ve kept an eye on multifamily and affordability.”

While the idea of serving on the council appeals to Pezold, he has already said it is not a long-term plan for him.

“If I win I’m going to do this one time,” he said. “I believe in term limits and I don’t believe in getting paid. I’m not going to accept any money.”