Partnership looks to offer resources for breast cancer patients


By Lauren Jette

After surviving breast cancer, Janette Davis and daughter Paige White decided they wanted to do something to help other Liberty Hill women who might be going through their own battle with the cancer.

Recently, Davis and White came up with the idea to have a “Pink Panther Corner” in the new Operation Liberty Hill location, which will open Nov 2.

“I’m here and a lot of people we know and love have not survived, but Paige and I, since we’ve had it, we’ve talked and talked about doing something for the survivors in Liberty Hill, because we don’t have access to all the things everybody else closer in (to Austin) do,” Davis said.

So Davis approached Operation Liberty Hill Executive Director Susan Baker with the idea of having an area where Davis and White could leave items that would be helpful to other women battling breast cancer.

“Janette called me a couple of weeks ago and told me about her and her daughter’s involvement in the breast cancer foundation,” Baker said.

“They have a lot of equipment and prosthetics and different things that would be useful to someone that’s going through that, who couldn’t afford to go out and do that on their own. So she asked if we would be interested in having a corner or whatever just for those items, and I said sure, that would be awesome.”

While the new location of Operation Liberty Hill on Highway 183 North is still being renovated, Baker said she is excited to offer something like this to clients.

“I’m really not sure how it’s going to look exactly, it’s kind of a new thing for us to even think about, but I think it would be a great idea,” she said.

“We’re all about helping our clients get medical supplies, and get their needs met, anyway we can, whatever the need is.”

Davis and White hope to stock the corner with items such as prostheses, bathing suits, camisoles and special vests with pockets to hide drain tube bags during recovery after a mastectomy, as well as information on resources available to those with breast cancer.

While the finer details haven’t been finalized just yet, all involved are excited about the potential to help others.

“We don’t want people to think they have to pay for those services, so we may put it in the food pantry area, because that’s where we counsel the clients about things going on in their lives, what their needs are, so that would be a great place for it to be,” Baker said. “It would be more private, more of an understood to be free kind of deal.”