Parks Board seeks new Master Plan


By Madison McVan

The Parks and Recreation Board of Directors voted last week to recommend City Council approval to commission a new Parks Master Improvement Plan from Halff Associates.

The plan would cost $25,300 and is scheduled to be completed in July. The money will likely come from the capital projects portion of the current Parks and Recreation budget.

“This is something that we’re acting on as advised from our consultant to enhance our ability to secure grants for our parks,” said City Administrator Greg Boatright. “I think it’s really important. It’s good advice for parks to do this, I think.”

Once finally approved, the process to create the plan begins immediately, and will involve a public engagement process including interviews, meetings with city leaders and public feedback to the proposals, all conducted by representatives of Halff Associates.

The Master Plan will give the city a better chance or receiving grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife, which gives points to applicants with plans that comply with their standards.

“When you’re talking about a statewide process, where everyone in the state is trying to get grant money, and 15 points of that grant process is for having a compliant plan that says what you want to do is what you’re trying to do, [not having a plan] basically prevents you from being competitive and actually getting any money,” Halff Associates representative Matt Bucchin said in the meeting.

The Board also discussed plans to renovate the football field at City Park so that it can be shared with the Liberty Hill Youth Soccer Association. In order for the field to be shared, it would need to have 10 feet of grass added to both sides and irrigation valves relocated. The Board also raised the possibility of improvements such as a new scoreboard, lighting for the field and more bleachers.

Decisions about the field will be made after cost estimates are presented at the next Parks and Recreation Board meeting on June 27.