No more parking in right of way at Blue Hole


Parking along the right of way near the San Gabriel River bridge on Bagdad Road is now prohibited. (Photo by Kate Ludlow)

Williamson County instated a No Parking Zone north and south of the San Gabriel River bridge on Bagdad Road near Liberty Hill this week.

Visitors to the popular swimming spot commonly known as Blue Hole, will notice signs advising of the parking prohibition. According to a press release issued by the County, the decision was made because “the speed limit and driveways along this stretch of roadway make parking in the right-of-way unsafe.”

Williamson County spokesperson    Connie Watson told The Independent that the new parking restriction was about public safety.

“When cars park too close to the bridge, you can’t really see around them,” she said.

Violation of the parking restriction is a $150 fine, according to Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Vehicles may also be towed, but Ms. Watson said the likelihood of towing is “very low.”

“More than likely, it will be citations to gain compliance and towing will occur only when required” by certain state statutes.

While the bridge is not in the city limits of Liberty Hill, Police Chief Randy Williams said Liberty Hill police are often called there to assist other law enforcement agencies responding to various incidents.

Though the expectation would be that the summer months would keep law enforcement officers busy at the

site, Williams says that has not been the case.

“It (the number of calls for service)has actually gone down a bit since school has let out. You would think it would be the other way around. Usually it’s just kids jumping off the bridge, something like that,” he said.