PANDEMIC PASTIMES: Student uses time at home to start successful cupcake business



While the COVID-19 pandemic restricted many to their homes with what seemed like limited possible activities over the summer, 12-year-old Paige Pringle used her time at home to start a homemade cupcake business.

Paige’s Cupcakery is a hit in the Liberty Hill community, and with her mother Holly’s support, Paige embraced her business idea and hit the ground running.

“I’ve loved baking since I was little, and I’ve always wanted to start a business,” said Paige. “It’s been keeping us busy during quarantine, and baking is one of my favorite things. I have orders almost every day. Sometimes it’s up to six orders a day.”

With multiple orders almost every day, Paige works hard to find the time to prepare each custom order – more than 85 dozen so far. Leaving the house is rare, and business demands take precedence.

“We stay at home. She’s just been staying home and baking,” Holly said. “Even when we have to run errands and do stuff out of the house, she’ll choose to stay home and take care of her business and do her orders.”

The young entrepreneur doesn’t just make cupcakes in small batches for individuals but also does more significant events. Cupcakes come in several different flavors with different icing options. Everything is from scratch. An order of a dozen cupcakes is $30, and a larger order of two dozen is $58.

“I’ve done cupcakes for weddings, 100 cupcakes, I’ve done cupcakes for birthdays, I’ve done surprise cupcakes in town,” Paige said. “I have all kinds of flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and confetti. I use buttercream, cream cheese, and chocolate buttercream icing, homemade from scratch. We go to Sam’s and get big bags of everything, flour, powdered sugar.”

Seeing Paige work hard to sustain her business and find more success in her venture, Holly can’t help but feel pride in her daughter’s independence.

“We’re super proud of her, she doesn’t ever turn an order down, she wakes up almost every morning with new orders. She’s very independent. She’s had a ton of support from local businesses in Liberty Hill, so she’s been doing cupcakes for different events like boutiques and doctors offices.”

Paige created Paige’s Cupcakery, a Facebook group for orders, with almost 400 members. With profits from her sales, she purchased an iPad to streamline and design her business logo and manage orders.

The road to success for Paige was filled with lots of trial and error. The level of success she sees now is a result of plenty of experimentation.

“I’ve gotten better and better and learned a lot of things through trial and error,” she said. “I learned new techniques, colors, combos, and things like that.”

Providing a varied and unique experience for her customers is Paige’s primary priority.

“The hardest part is trying to make them all different and do different things and give people options. To make them buy from me,” she said.

Even with school starting and a full schedule on her plate as an Liberty Hill Junior High cheerleader and volleyball team hopeful, Paige has every intention of continuing her passion.

“I’m going to school from home for six weeks, so for sure I’m going to have time to do a bunch of orders and keep my baking schedule up,” she said.

With the overwhelming support of the community, Paige is grateful for every person helping her business along.

“I appreciate everybody because they always give me good feedback and share my cupcakes,” Paige said.
Members of the community can search for and join Paige’s Cupcakery Facebook group to place pickup and delivery orders.