O’Reilly Auto Parts to open this summer


By Rachel Madison

A new auto parts store is making its way to Liberty Hill this summer.

O’Reilly Auto Parts, which is headquartered in Springfield, Mo., and was founded in 1957, is a dominant supplier of auto parts across the United States and Mexico.

Michael Jurgensmeyer, the project administrator for the Liberty Hill store, said construction began this week, and as long as all goes well with the construction timeline, the store should have its grand opening in August. Site prep is currently underway.

“This store will be number 6,120—we have a presence in all 50 states,” he added. “This store will have everything O’Reilly’s typically offers, like battery testing, car parts and accessories, and things like that.”

The new store will be considered part of the Highway 29 Business Plaza, and will specifically be located at 80 Independence Drive, at the northeast corner of Independence Drive and West SH 29.

The size of the store will be approximately 7,400 square feet and it will have 35 parking spaces. The site is approximately two acres in size. According to the City of Liberty Hill, the property was platted in 2006 and is currently zoned general commercial/retail. The development application for O’Reilly Auto Parts was formally submitted in November 2018.

Jurgensmeyer said O’Reilly Auto Parts decided to open a store in Liberty Hill because corporate saw an opportunity to serve a great market.

“We wanted to bring out our brand of professional parts and people to Liberty Hill,” he said. “I don’t pick the sites—I come in after the sites are picked and get them going—but definitely being in a growing area is taken into account when looking at new store sites.”

Jurgensmeyer added that O’Reilly Auto Parts is excited to come to Liberty Hill so that it can offer its customers professional installations, high quality service and good prices on auto parts.

“Our brand is all about being helpful, friendly and doing whatever we can to get people back on the road,” he said. “We have knowledgeable employees who get trained beforehand to understand problems customers are facing and then take that back to figure out what could be wrong. Whether it’s the radiator leaking fluid or your starter going bad, we can help you figure that out and get you back on the road.”

For more information on O’Reilly Auto Parts, visit www.oreillyauto.com.