New name, owner; same service at Liberty Buildings

Chad More stands beside a row of the many model storage buildings available at Moore Liberty Buildings. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

Chad More stands beside a row of the many model storage buildings available at Moore Liberty Buildings. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

Liberty Buildings, the town’s go-to business for storage needs, got a new name and owner last month.

Former Liberty Hill resident Chad Moore took over Liberty Buildings and renamed it Moore Liberty Buildings. The quality service and customer care remains intact though, he said.

Moore’s favorite part of the job is “helping people solve their storage or living needs,” he shared. “I love meeting the people as they come in.”

The sales professional worked in construction while in high school and college to help pay for his education. That experience combined with his sales expertise made his new job an ideal fit.

“I was looking for something that was more local to not have work take me away from home,” Moore explained. “I lived in Georgetown but I used to live in Liberty Hill. I lived here for five years.”

He has strong family roots in Liberty Hill including his great-great-grandparents and great-grandparents who are buried in town.

Moore Liberty Buildings offers a variety of cash or rent-to-own options including portable storage buildings, cabins, carports, barns, metal buildings and garages. Portable buildings are available for cash or rent-to-own. Metal buildings are cash, credit or check only.

“I’ve got one of the largest lots in central Texas,” he added. “I’ve got over 40 buildings in inventory. People are able to purchase with swift, local delivery.”

The display models are vast and diverse and if customers can’t find what they’re looking for a unit can be customized to meet their needs. Moore is confident his business stands out from the rest because it offers more than just products — it offers quality service.

“Selection, options, craftsmanship and service,” he said. “Like I said, we have the biggest lot in the greater Austin area. We have almost four acres. But it’s not so much the size, it’s the size of inventory. I’ve got 40 buildings on the lot.”

Moore is currently a one-man show but is looking to add a part-time employee to help with customers and sales. Though he does it all himself he strives to offer a quality experience to every customer who takes the time to stop by his business.

While Liberty Buildings had a history in Liberty Hill before Moore came along, he hopes to continue its reputation in town.

“It’s got a great location,” he explained. “The exposure of (State) Highway 29 is tremendous. Especially with people headed out to their ranches and deer leases; it’s a great spot to have portable buildings.”

No one is more important to Moore than his customers.

“My customers are first and foremost people I can help to solve storage or housing needs,” he said. “And with whom I can connect personally as time permits. And of course, they’re the reason we exist; to help them get the storage solutions they need.”

He remembered one gentleman who lives in an RV park.

“(He) needed an enclosed storage shed to fit within the confines of his space,” Moore recalled. “But, because of an existing air conditioner and other area restrictions the building had to be designed exactly at (the) right, certain specifications in order to fit into the spot that he needed. So I was able to design that building for him and get it installed and he called me this morning and said: ‘It fits just exactly perfect’.

“We were able to do that on a rent-to-own schedule that fit his budget,” he said.

He also shared his experience with a business that provides housing for seniors.

“They needed a space for their employees to stay while they’re on shift; it’s an assisted living type place,” Moore shared. “We were able to provide cabin structures that they could use to provide housing for their employees and it was a high quality, cost-effective solution for them to be able to provide that privacy for their employees.”

He invites drivers-by and locals alike to come check out Moore Liberty Buildings.

“I have a friendly face, a friendly smile; I’m somebody who cares,” Moore said. “This industry can be problematic with customer service, but we’re built on taking care of our customers as best we can. They’ll find somebody to answer the phone and talk to, and, help them build tailor-customed solutions to meet their needs.”

Moore Liberty Buildings is located at 10280 W. State Hwy. 29 and is open Tuesday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fridays from 1:30-5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Learn more by visiting or by ‘liking’ Moore Liberty Buildings on Facebook.