Mullins can help keep Liberty Hill cool this summer

Chris Mullins of Liberty Hill Heat & Air brings experience and a customer-service focus to the air conditioning repair business. (Lauren Jette Photo)

Chris Mullins of Liberty Hill Heat & Air brings experience and a customer-service focus to the air conditioning repair business. (Lauren Jette Photo)

By Lauren Jette

With warmer temperatures creeping in, the time to start turning on the air conditioning is here.

But what happens if you reach for the thermostat and the air isn’t very cool or doesn’t turn on at all?

Chris Mullins at Liberty Hill Heat & Air is ready to service any cooling system problems.

“Mainly, we’re just going to be service and replacement of residential systems, mainly service,” Mullins said.

“We’re not trying to sell anybody a new system, we’re trying to give an option of someone they can call, who’s not going to rip them off, we’re just going to fix their system.”

Mullins has 24 years experience in the business and owned a heating and air business in Marble Falls since 1999 before selling it in January 2015.

After a year in the oil industry, Mullins decided to get back in the business and chose Liberty Hill, due to its familiarity.

“I have kinfolk that live here, so I’ve been here quite a bit,” Mullins said. “I’ve been to Liberty Hill many times and it’s growing, so that’s why I decided to come over here.”

Mullins plans on focusing on the service side of the business only.

“Unless it’s absolutely necessary to replace it, we won’t be bidding them a new system. We’ll just be fixing it,” Mullins said.

“I’m not doing any commercial work, I’m not doing new construction. I’ve been through all that, I’ve had four trucks with employees. It’s just going to be me. I’m the one who’s going to show up and take care of everything, just basic service.”

Along with that service, Mullins likes to keep things simple and be honest with customers about the problem—and the price.

“When someone calls for a service call, I charge $74 to show up. If it’s going to be more than that for any reason, I give them a bid up front,” Mullins said.

“If they keep the filter clean, there’s not a whole lot you can do to keep (a system) from breaking down. We can make sure that it’s working properly and efficiently.

“When I started in the business, you used to have to oil motors and change belts. They don’t have that any more, motors are sealed now. Basically, if it’s not working or cooling well, then give us a call and we’ll take care of it. We will do maintenance too, if that’s what they want, we will look at it and make sure it’s working efficiently,” he added.

By being an independently-owned business, Mullins said he can focus on fixing the problems, not trying to push customers into something they don’t need.

“The reason why I think people should call me is they know I’m not going to rip them off. I’m not going to try and sell them a system immediately,” Mullins said. “Some of these big companies will say, ‘well your unit is 10 years old, I’m not even allowed to touch it.’ That’s ridiculous. These systems last 15 years usually. As people get to know me and use me, they can say, ‘he’s going to be honest with you, he’s not going to sell you anything you don’t need, he’s not going to try and sell you a new system just because he needs to make money.’”

Liberty Hill resident Elise Mason had to call Mullins to come fix a problem with her cooling system and can attest to his professionalism.

“It was excellent,” Mason said of the service.

“He was fast. Within a few hours of making the call, he had the problem fixed. He was courteous and up front about everything and explained the problem and the fix well.

“We would definitely use Liberty Hill Heat & Air again.”