Local artist on a heartfelt mission to enrich lives through art

Renae Kingsley is on a mission to spread joy and laughter as artist or professional entertainer.  (Photo by Dana Delgado)

Renae Kingsley is on a mission to spread joy and laughter as artist or professional entertainer. (Photo by Dana Delgado)


 Renae Kingsley is on a heartfelt mission.

The Liberty Hill resident who relocated from Round Rock is peddling as fast as she can because she knows that for someone it is a stormy day or worse, a lasting troubled life.

She knows the pain because she has felt it. Her father died when she was barely eight and the ensuing years for the family were turbulent.  Her spirit was deeply dampened and her trust in the world was crushed.

Eventually, her life stabilized and she was able to find peace through her faith and family and involvement with her church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her metamorphosis has been gradual, but is now filled with jubilance for life.

“There is such joy in the journey,” she said, now with great hope and aspiring to enrich lives and alleviate the pain of others through art, laughter, and personal connection. “I am passionate and confident about what I’m doing and can see that it feeds their hearts and it has brought a lot of joy into my life.”

Few at first and now in increasing numbers, adults and children alike with a range of abilities and varied backgrounds along with some organizations have discovered her passion and are seeking her out for her varied self-taught talents and activities.

One of those activities is art classes.

“I teach several low-cost art lessons each week for home school students during the day or public school students after school on Wednesdays,” she said. “I charge half the price of other programs since I can host the classes in my home and avoid renting a building.”

Students range from age 7-15, and parents are encouraged to take classes along with their children in a relaxing, non-threatening atmosphere.

“I try to teach the children how to do difficult things, so they can gain confidence in their abilities quickly,” Mrs. Kingsley said. “It has been very rewarding watching their talents blossom.”

So successful, the classes are being filled by students from surrounding communities including Pflugerville, Round Rock, Lakeway and South Austin and drawing praises from participating parents.

“This class is the highlight of our school week!” said parent and participant Stormy Strouder. “It’s so relaxing to come paint with my daughters and we all look forward to it!”

“The tuition is so affordable that it’s worth it for me to drive from South Austin to reach you,” added Jessica Clouse. “My three kids all love the class — even my teenage son!”

In January 2014, she is offering free children’s art classes to anyone seven or older on Wednesday afternoons.

Another unique approach to teaching art is Kingsley’s “Ladies Night Out,” a pre-scheduled Friday or Saturday night event that generally runs from 7-9:30 p.m.

“Ladies Night Out is unique because it’s more of a painting party than a class,” Mrs. Kingsley said.  “It’s a very social, laid-back atmosphere. It’s different from my other classes because it targets adults and teens. It’s also a one-night event where you will complete your masterpiece that evening and take it home with you. I have several women who have said ‘they didn’t have a creative bone in their body’ come to my class and walk away with a gorgeous work of art to hang in their home.

“Art just happened to me,” she said. “As an artist, I’m still learning myself, but I really enjoy stimulating and motivating students to believe in themselves. With small groups, I can give more personal attention and the individual can do more advanced things. I really believe it’s important for everyone to be creative. I feel it feeds their heart.”

Her other major platform to bring joy to others is through her role as a professional entertainer.

Mrs. Kingsley transforms herself into a variety of characters and performs as a children’s magician at birthday parties or events. Her favorite and one of the most-loved characters is that of Sunny Blossom.  She also does face painting as well as educational programs that focus on books and reading.

“I like to make people smile and laugh, and help make dreams come true,” she said. “It is so special to see them light up like a Christmas tree.”

Mrs. Kingsley is also a professional body artist and face-painter.

“I was trained in body art by the world’s leading Body Art champions, Nick and Brian Wolfe, and they really helped me grow as an artist,” she said. “I have face-painted at parties and corporate events for over 10 years now.”

Some of her past public appearances include Gov. Rick Perry’s Inaugural Party, Samsung corporate parties, PayPal corporate parties, Dell corporate parties, and an event for the University of Texas School of Law. She has also volunteered her face painting services for the Liberty Hill Public Library and Bill Burden Elementary School.

Mrs. Kingsley has also been involved in and assisted with Cub Scouts; Destination Imagination, a creative problem-solving program; Math Pentathalon and several art clubs in the region. She has also taught art and music appreciation in various home school co-ops for four years.

To shine a little sunshine, give a confidence boost, or open new doors of experiences to others, Renae Kingsley is on a mission.

For more information, visit www.kingsleycorner.blogspot.com or www.sunnyblossomparties.com.