Library gets new roof thanks to fundraising



The staff at the Liberty Hill Library can once again enjoy the occasional rainy day without fearing the worst from a leaky roof.

Work was recently completed on the new roof, which cost about $12,000, but eliminated constant struggles to cope with about seven leaks that have plagued staff for some time.

“Now, no water can get in and we had a great test with all that rain a few weeks ago,” said Librarian Angela Palmer. “It is amazing to have this done, because that would have probably been a major leak. It is an incredible load off all our minds.”

The leaky roof threatened not only books and DVDs, but also the public computers in the library.

“It was all along one central kind of line,” Palmer said. “You don’t want books to get moldy and ruined, and one of our big leaks was over by the computers, so that was another problem.”

While roof work may not be immediately noticeable or exciting for visitors, it was critical to the library continuing to serve the community.

“They put a special sealant on top of it, which made like a new roof on top of the old one,” Palmer said. “It was more cost-effective to do it that way. It was desperately needed and we were able to get it done at the right time. Rain and libraries just don’t go together.”

Palmer said the $7,238 raised by the library through Liberty Hill Day of Giving in June is what made the roof repairs possible.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do this if we hadn’t had that fundraiser,” she said. “We didn’t have the money in the budget otherwise, so as soon as Summer Reading was over, we got it scheduled and done. We wouldn’t have been able to do that so fast without the Day of Giving.”

Next on the list for the library is new lighting and getting rid of old carpet.

“This is the original carpet, and our 15th anniversary is coming up,” Palmer said. “It is time for the carpet to go.”

The library will replace the carpet with vinyl flooring and Palmer is talking to two different companies on options. Before new flooring, though, lighting will be addressed.

“Parts of the library are really dark and you can’t see,” Palmer said. “Some of the kids are actually scared to go down some of the aisles. We’re going to put in energy efficient LED lights, all new fixtures and we’re going to add some lighting and add lights to the fans. Everything will be energy efficient and a whole lot brighter.”

Summer Reading success

The library enjoyed another successful Summer Reading Program, where 1,149 children signed up and read a total 982,880 minutes.

“We were so close to a million minutes,” Palmer said. “It was more this year, even though we had about 100 fewer kids. They just read more and did a great job.”

She said 150 teens and 494 adults also signed up to participate.

The library was filled throughout the summer for special programs, with 14,947 participants for 80-plus programs.

“We had a lot of creative crafts and the kids really enjoyed that, and a lot of science. I was really happy with all of the participation,” Palmer said. “It was a busy summer and did really well. Next year our theme will be Star Wars, so I think it will be a massive success.”