Liberty Tax Service offers year-round solutions

Mauro Amador (left), owner of Liberty Tax Service of Georgetown, is shown being honored at the 2013 Liberty Tax Service National Convention by John Hewitt (right), founder of Liberty Tax.  (Courtesy Photo)

Mauro Amador (left), owner of Liberty Tax Service of Georgetown, is shown being honored at the 2013 Liberty Tax Service National Convention by John Hewitt (right), founder of Liberty Tax. (Courtesy Photo)

By Dana Delgado

GEORGETOWN — Mauro Amador is a numbers guy, a serious numbers guy whose interest dates back to childhood.

The owner of Liberty Tax Service in Georgetown grew up in a family that was always crunching numbers. His mother was the Chief Auditor for the equivalent of the IRS as well as the head of the Accounting Department at the National University in Honduras, Central America.  His father was a regional manager for a large retail store. So it was not surprising that their son had become a bookkeeper by high school. He would earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business from Florida Atlantic University before embarking on his own career in business.

“I started my career in corporate America,” Amador said. “I was hired out of college in Boca Raton, Florida as a software programmer for IBM. I worked in different positions ranging from Quality Software Test Engineer to Technical Resolution Manager for Latin America. After 20 successful and rewarding years, I decided to start my own business in bookkeeping and taxes.”

He opened Liberty Tax Service in Georgetown in 2010 in what Amador called “undeveloped territory.”

“As the growth in Central Texas continues north of Austin, I looked at Georgetown as the center point where I could provide our services to the local community and surrounding towns including Liberty Hill,” he said. “Over the past four tax seasons, we have been blessed to have double-digit growth, and in 2013 we opened a second location in downtown Georgetown. I continue looking at the customer needs and I have added QuickBooks seminars for small business owners and payroll services as well. We also provide income tax preparation for individuals and business returns ranging from sole proprietors to partnerships and corporations, and provide bookkeeping services for small businesses.”

Keeping in line with his upbringing in the business world, his own business has that same family touch.

“My original business plan is to have the flavor of a family business,” Amador said. “My mother comes from time to time to help around the office and my oldest daughter Rachael took my Tax School class two years ago and helped me during one tax season. My son, Mauro Jr., and Monica have done some marketing and my wife, Nancy, comes to the office for moral support. Without my family and my staff I would not have been able to achieve the continuous growth we have reached these past four years.”

In 2013, Amador was honored at the Liberty Tax National Convention. The award recognized his work in the Hispanic community by providing free financial and fiscal seminars, representing Liberty Tax Service and the entire Austin District at Hispanic events, and hosting a live radio show at Univision radio during the past two tax seasons.

“The award meant two things,” said Amador. “One, validating that hard work sooner or later gets recognized and most importantly it’s a reaffirmation that my commitment to connect with people by educating them about their financial and fiscal situations in turn will enhance their future.”

With the tax deadline fast approaching and panic setting in for some, Amador cautions late filers.

“All of a sudden the urgency kicks in and taxpayers tend to rush to complete their tax return,” he said. “I encourage my clients take the time to discuss all the details so we can accurately reach to a maximum refund or a lower tax liability within the law. A successful return is based on the details. If my clients feel that they need more time, we will gladly file an extension for them.”

Amador says there are also two common mistakes people often make with filing their incoming taxes and both could be costly to taxpayers.  The first is number errors.

“Whether it’s a Social Security number or a number for income, incorrect number transfers on the form could cost a taxpayer,” he said. “A very costly error could be entering in the wrong bank account number when requesting a refund to be direct deposited. The refund could actually get deposited into someone else’s bank account. Taxpayers should double check each number entered on their tax return.”

The second common error is math errors.

“Careless math mistakes cost taxpayers each year, too,” he said. “Many taxpayers use tax software and unfortunately if the wrong data is entered, the software will not catch the error. As in the number transfer mistake mentioned above, taxpayers should double check their numbers and then double check their calculations.”

The Liberty Tax Service owner is grateful for the opportunity to assist the community with a range of services.

“I have had the opportunity to serve and educate my clients so they can understand their tax return,” he  said. “I have also helped people with tax liabilities, which were originally calculated wrong, so I was able to turn the debt into a refund.”

Liberty Tax Service is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Sundays, it is open by appointment only. Extended hours will be provided near the April 15 deadline.

The Liberty Tax Service, which is more noticeable this time of year  because of its Statue of Liberty attired staff waving signs on the street, is located at 2803 Williams Drive, Suite 105 in Georgetown (512-863-7767) and 1102 S. Austin Avenue, Suite 100 also in Georgetown (512-843-2803).