Liberty Hill All Sports Booster Club transitions to individual sports



Liberty Hill Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Jeff Walker, along with the Liberty Hill All Sports Booster Club, have decided to dismantle the LHASBC and turn it into individual booster clubs for each sport.

“We’re going to try it, and if it doesn’t work, we feel like we can always go back,” Walker said. “All the people that are currently part of the booster club I think are going to probably go and support their sport that they’re doing.”

Walker said he contacted all of the schools in the district before making the decision, and found out that Liberty Hill was in the minority with their All Sports Booster Club.

“We called other schools in the district and asked them how they do theirs, and there was only one other school in the district that didn’t have them all individually,” Walker said. “We’re kind of following suit on what everybody else is going through these days.”

According to Walker, it was the current booster club members that initially suggested the transition to individual booster clubs. One of the biggest reasons for the transition is the hope that more parents will get involved if they know the work they’re doing is directly related to the sports their children participate in.

“We just feel like it’ll give more people an opportunity to be a part of individual booster clubs, and maybe if their kid is in that sport, they’ll want to support that sport,” Walker said. “I think it just gives more people opportunities to get involved.”

While that may be true, one of the concerns that led to consolidating the booster clubs in the first place was that the money wouldn’t be spread out amongst each sport. Walker said to combat that, they will likely still share money between each sport when necessary, and once again said that if they find out the money isn’t being used effectively, they are open to consolidating the booster clubs once again.

“We know change is always going to be difficult,” Walker said. “We’re hoping this causes the smaller sports to be able to do things. I know a lot of them don’t have as many ways to generate money as we do. Some sports generate more money than others. We’re all aware of that, but some sports need more money than others. I don’t think doing it this way is going to separate the sports. Football may get a little more because of Friday night football and all that, and it takes a little more to put on football. I think we will still somewhat share things at times, and we can obviously be involved with all of them and try to help the process. The elected officers of the LHASBC will still be around to support the other sports, but I think it really will help those sports, just because some of their parents will be getting involved now, because they know it’s going directly to that sport. If we find out that one sport seems to be getting more than all the others, we’ll put it all back together. It should be really easy to go back to where we were.”