Liberty Hill Powerlifting teams place in Georgetown Eagles Invitational


The Liberty Hill powerlifting teams kicked off their 2017 season over the weekend at the Georgetown Eagles Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 7.

The Panther boys came in first place as a team, followed by Manor, Georgetown East View, Georgetown, Hutto, Bastrop Cedar Creek, Bastrop, Pflugerville Hendrickson, and Del Valle, respectively.

Payton Melchor, Sloan Hall, Andy Becker, Kody Knowles and Kyle Huppee each finished first place in their weight classes. Ethan Thom finished second, Lakota Lawrence finished third, Bailey Cloughly finished third, Matthew Carter finished sixth, and Justin Montgomery finished third in their respective weight classes, while Jared Tippie “bombed out”.

Melchor squatted 300 pounds, bench-pressed 135, and deadlifted 275 for a total of 710 pounds. Hall squatted 420, bench-pressed 270, and deadlifted 475, totaling 1,165 pounds. Becker squatted 400, bench-pressed 260, and deadlifted 460 for a total of 1,120 pounds. Knowles squatted 480, bench-pressed 320, and deadlifted 540 for a total of 1,340 pounds. Huppee squatted 500, bench-pressed 325, and deadlifted 495 for a total of 1,320 pounds.

Thom squatted 445, bench-pressed 265, and deadlifted 405 for a total of 1,115 pounds. Lawrence squatted 390, bench-pressed 265, and deadlifted 380 for a total of 1,035 pounds. Cloughly squatted 500, bench-pressed 340, and deadlifted 465 for a total of 1,305 pounds. Carter squatted 450, bench-pressed 300, and deadlifted 420 for a total of 1,170 pounds. Montgomery squatted 500, bench-pressed 325, and deadlifted 450 for a total of 1,275 pounds.


The Lady Panthers competed in the Georgetown Eagles Invitational on Saturday, as well, but weren’t as successful as their male counterparts.

The girls finished in ninth place out of nine schools, as Georgetown finished first, Georgetown East View finished second, Bastrop Cedar Creek finished third, Manor finished fourth, Hutto finished fifth, Del Valle finished sixth, Bastrop finished seventh, and Pflugerville Hendrickson finished eighth.

Elizabeth Montes finished fourth in her weight class, Mikaylla Ortiz finished seventh, Dakota Fambrough finished eighth, and Amanda Mena finished sixth, while both Mikayla Friemel and Charlotte Wall ended up scratching.

Montes squatted 225, bench-pressed 130, and deadlifted 270 for a total of 625 pounds. Ortiz squatted 225, bench-pressed 95, and deadlifted 230 for a total of 550 pounds. Fambrough squatted 200, bench-pressed 105, and deadlifted 180 for a total of 485 pounds. Mena squatted 225, bench-pressed 135, and deadlifted 295 for a total of 655 pounds.

The Panther powerlifters will participate in their next competition on Jan. 19 at Lampasas High School.