Liberty Hill Post Office carries on



“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…” has been a long-attributed testament of how nothing stops the U.S. Mail, and now COVID-19 can be added to the list.

Despite closures all around it, social distancing rules and other hurdles, Liberty Hill Postmaster Sheri Robinson said mail service is not being interrupted.

But carriers and postal employees have made some changes, wearing masks and taking extra time for sanitizing around the office.

“Most of our people are wearing the masks they make themselves at home, they don’t care much for the paper ones, they’re kind of uncomfortable,” Robinson said. “We’ve got all the spray equipment to wipe down desks, counter tops and any boxes out on the street our carriers feel is necessary.”

In the post office, Robinson said accommodations have been made to help keep customers safe as well.

“We have disinfectant up front and we are installing new hand sanitizers at the front counter so customers can also use them to keep clean after they finish,” she said. “We’re doing the six-foot distancing in the front lobby and those things.”

Business has been steady, with the office seeing an increase in some areas.

“It hasn’t slowed us down, in fact it has ticked up around here,” Robinson said. “It’s not necessarily mail in the form of letters and flats, but we have more parcels because everyone is ordering things.”

When carriers are on their routes, Robinson aid there are not usually any real issues.

“As far as getting out amongst the people (our carriers) are out there by themselves basically aside from when they’re in the building for a couple of hours, and we’re all keeping our distance from each other,” she said.

But she did ask that customers be aware of small changes in routine that could make a difference.

“Just be patient with us,” Robinson said. “I know sometimes we’re used to ringing doorbells and nobody wants to touch doorbells right now. Now there’s a knock on the door, so be patient with us in case someone doesn’t hear us. We don’t want people to think we’ve forgotten them.”

As is the case with all essential employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment for post office employees can be in short supply at times, and Robinson said they could always use donations of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and disinfectant.

“We’d love to have those things,” she said. “Hand sanitizer seems to be the thing going out the door as fast as we can get it in here, but we’ve reached out to the distillery over in Bertram and they are going to give us a gallon or two of what they’ve made. We’re holding our own. The customers have been wonderful around here. We work to take care of them and they work to take care of us.”