LHPD makes hometown hire



Liberty Hill Police Department’s newest hire, Officer Conner Lowe, grew up watching his mother and grandmother serve the greater good as nurses. Inspired by them, Lowe adopted the goal of community service.

“I always wanted to do something to make a difference in the community,” said Lowe. “So, when I got out of high school, I looked at a bunch of majors but wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I liked law enforcement because of the challenges and the opportunities.”

As a resident and graduate of Liberty Hill High School, Lowe says it’s an honor to have the opportunity to work in his hometown — a community he understands. Lowe graduated in 2016 before attending Austin Community College and eventually transferring to Texas Tech University, where he majored in Conservation Law Enforcement.

“I think I had the best major I could have. It set me up for what I’m doing now,” said Lowe. “Conservation law enforcement specialized in wildlife biology and conservation science and natural resource management. It combined criminal justice classes and wildlife. It’s like a two for one degree. A lot of my classes were taught by Texas game wardens.”

Through his major, Lowe worked for Texas Parks & Wildlife for two years.

“It was everything to me and such a great experience,” said Lowe. “I specialized in emergency management and water quality. I did a lot of safety aspects working at the state park. Law enforcement observation is one of the biggest things I did there. A lot of ride alongs.”

At face value, some might question how conservation law enforcement translates to policing in a small town.

“Even though it’s wildlife-centered, you get to see how to do community policing,” said Lowe. “We also learn how to interact with the public. It was a great experience, and I’m beyond grateful for it. The people there really treated me good.”

Lowe gets his love of the outdoors from his father.

“He’s a big hunter and fisherman,” he said. “I enjoy hunting, fishing, and going hiking. I love going to state parks. I love to do that in my off time. My dad and I go fishing every time I have the chance to get off. It’s a big part of my life, and it was great to go to school and learn about managing all of this.”

Lowe graduated from Texas Tech in December 2020 and applied for the job with LHPD a month before. The young officer noticed a job post by the LHPD and took a shot at the open position.

“It never crossed my mind, and all of a sudden, I saw that they were hiring. I applied and had to do a physical agility test later that month,” he said. “If you pass that, then you go on to a board interview. That was in December. I passed that and moved on to the background check. That took two months. The process was professional, and you had to strive to get the job.”

With the screening process complete, Lowe’s first day was May 10.

“It’s almost surreal,” he laughed. “To get sworn in and have a badge and a gun. To ride out with the guys and learn how to police Liberty Hill is special. I graduated from Tech in December and earned my basic peace officer certification two weeks ago. It started right away. I’m fortunate I was able to get the job here.”

Only weeks on the job, Lowe is eager to see where this new journey in his hometown takes him.

“One of the things that excites me the most is serving here,” said Lowe. “I’ve been here since the fourth grade. Liberty Hill had a huge impact on my life. My best friends and family are all still in the area. To be able to make a difference in this community means everything. I want to give back to the community that gave so much to me.”