Start of school brings big changes to LHJH campus


Junior High students will enter the building from the side near the existing library. School expansion at the front entrance will block access this fall. (Photo by Kate Ludlow)

Liberty Hill Junior High School parents will encounter some changes while dropping off their students at school in the coming days. Ongoing construction has led to changes to the main entrance, parking and more.

According to LHJS Principal Chad Pirtle, students will now enter the building on the sidewalk, where a wooden walkway has been built. The existing main entrance is being transformed into an expanded staff office section, and an expanded library with an updated computer lab. The existing teacher’s lounge is being converted into the front check-in area.

Championship Drive, which leads from LHJS to Liberty Hill High School, will not be open beyond the LHJS Field House, so parents dropping off their children at the two schools should be aware.

The drop-off/pick-up line will now be one-way only, and will be reduced to one way.

“We’ve got the contractors painting a stripe down the exit, so we’re going to be making that into two lanes, a left turn lane, and a right turn lane,” says Pirtle. “That will allow us to have twice the traffic coming out, and hopefully that will cut down on the delays.

“The biggest thing we ask is that parents stay in the drop-off line. We don’t want them dropping the kids off in the parking lot, for the child’s safety,” says Pirtle.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of traffic on the first day of school, LHJS football, cross-country, and volleyball participants are being asked to arrive at 6:30 a.m.

“We’ve got a lot of paperwork, first of the year stuff,” says Pirtle. “We’re hoping we can get that out of the way, and it will help reduce the traffic that morning.”

The construction is a $3.3 million part of an $86 million bond package passed in 2010, which includes projects on all LHISD campuses, including the construction of a new high school.