L4 Cares serves ‘the least, the last, the lost, the lonely’



L4 Cares is an organization that focuses on caring for military members, seniors, and children. The charity focuses on helping “the least, the last, the lost, and the lonely.”

“We focus on four segments of the population that can get looked over by other larger nonprofit organizations,” said L4 Cares founder Kendra Cofer. “It’s a focus on our military, including active duty and veterans. We’ve partnered with the VA in Temple to support 15 of their current programs.”

After working in the corporate world for 30 years, Cofer decided it was time to exit. Creating a nonprofit wasn’t part of the plan to start. Still, after working with several charities, Cofer knew it was something she was compelled to do.

“I had volunteered for another organization that did quite a bit with the military. I just felt like God put in my heart that I needed to do this,” she said. “I woke up from a dream, and it was L4. I had heard a year prior, the least, the last, the lost and the lonely, and six months later, I had that dream.”

L4 Cares pairs with retailers – Walmart, J. Crew, and Nike – then creates care packages for groups with the most need. Food, clothing, furniture, and school supplies are distributed regularly.

“We pick up a donation from retailers, it could be a pallet or two per week of brand-new items,” said Cofer. “We decide where the need is in the community and donate. We felt that the VA and military was our best bet.”

A significant way the organization helps active military members is by helping their families while they are deployed.

“We do care packages from the community for families who currently have loved ones who are deployed to let them know that the community cares about them,” said Cofer. “We include activities for the kids like painting pottery, and we do welcome home parades.”

Military families are an essential focus for the charity because frequently, the spouses of those deployed have more than one child, which can be overwhelming without help.

“We go in to help when the head of the household is deployed,” said Cofer. “They have kids, and a lot of times it’s like being a single parent, it can be tough.”

Beyond the help they provide for veterans and active military, L4 Cares reaches out and aids the families of ill children. The charity often brings costumed superheroes to visit hospitalized children, and can assist families financially, in one case paying for a fully furnished apartment for 90 days.

“We focus on families who have a child battling a terminal illness,” said Cofer. “Relationships we’ve built doing this for the last year and a half have made many of the families L4 ambassadors.”

Despite being a young organization, only in its third year, the charity’s message is spreading through the community.

“Through our mission, we are attracting quite a few followers and volunteers, and then we set them loose in the community,” said Cofer. “I would say 95 percent of what we do comes to us from other people. That is what we encourage people to do. Check on your neighbor and see what they need.”

For the 2020 Day of Giving, L4 Cares aims to raise $15,000 to buy a van that will make the delivery of goods much easier.