Integrity Group brings personal touch to insurance business


By Rachel Madison
Staff Writer

Starting Integrity Insurance Group was an adventure Andis and Whitney Goble didn’t anticipate, but one they were excited to be given. Integrity Insurance Group, formerly Monroe Insurance, was purchased by the Gobles Jan. 1, and has been an adventure ever since.

“The agency was originally started by Dell Monroe in the 1970s, and he ran the agency with Germania for many years,” Andis Goble said. “About 12 years ago, Whitney’s father purchased the business and ran it until he retired. I worked for her father for two years as part of a transition plan, and then we bought the book of business. We knew this would be a great fit for us, so we created our own business and rebranded.”

Andis Goble’s background in business and finance, along with Whitney Goble’s background in grant writing, resource development and nonprofit leadership, gave the couple the skill set they needed to take on the agency and make it their own, Whitney Goble said.

“Even though we have a fresh new name and look, we’re building our business on a strong foundation,” she added. “Coming from that strong foundation allows us to push forward and meet the needs of this community. It’s changed so much in the last 30 years, from mostly farm and ranch properties to this huge urban sprawl.”

The Gobles have worked to become appointment with a variety of other carriers in addition to Germania, to meet the needs of the community.

“This gives us a lot of creative power,” Andis Goble said. “You can come in and tell us who you are and what you have going on in your life, and we can help you. Having a lot of great brands and top tier carriers is important, because if Germania is not strong in certain areas, then we have other carriers that are strong in those areas.”

Whitney Goble said she knows having insurance is not the most exciting part of life, but because it’s necessary, she hopes that the community comes to know she and her husband are working on behalf of them.

“There is so much value in knowing the person working for you and trusting them to answer questions you have or find the info you need,” she added.

Since purchasing the business, the Gobles have also invested in new technology, like software that allows them to do one application and get multiple quotes from multiple carriers.

“We have the best of both worlds,” Andis Goble said. “We are high tech, but we also have an office you can walk in and do business from, too.”

The 50-year-old building Integrity Insurance Group is housed in needs a lot of work, admits Whitney Goble, but it’s a challenge the couple has met head on since purchasing the company.

“When we bought the agency from my dad, remodeling was one of the first things I wanted to do,” she said. “It’s not anything we were scared of—we are as comfortable producing insurance quotes as we are installing flooring—it’s just taking longer than we thought.”

Due to COVID-19, the remodeling project has moved slower than the Gobles anticipated, but work is now happening at a steady pace. The Gobles are doing all the remodel work themselves, one room at a time. Whitney Goble said the plan is to have the office and reception area finished by early spring, and then work on the outside of the building will begin. The Gobles also hope to hire some additional support staff in the spring.

Andis Goble said because of COVID-19, a lot of agencies have gone completely virtual, but that’s not something Integrity Insurance Group intends to ever do.

“We can do almost everything over email or video conference, and some people do want to do business that way, but we will always have an office for people to meet face-to-face,” he said. “We are really a convergence of the old and the new. We have this old business, but we’re not throwing it out. We are just adding services to it. We don’t want to lose that personal touch.”

In the future, the Gobles hope to get involved in the community through volunteer opportunities and by providing education to locals.

“We’d love to provide the community support, even if they aren’t our customers,” Whitney Goble said. “I would love to see Andis have coffee with the community once a month, where they can bring in their policy and we can answer questions, even if we’re not your carrier. In order to make sure your family is protected, you have to know what your coverage is. As a married couple with a small business and five kids to protect, it’s nonnegotiable for me to not understand what we need, and I think most people feel that way.”

The Gobles have five children, four who are adopted. Because of that, they have a unique perspective on the importance of community.

“With our history of fostering and adopting our children, we have had so many people pour love into our family in a unique way, and we want to return that,” Andis Goble said. “We are the type of people who care about others and have integrity, which is why we picked that name for our agency. Ultimately, we want people to recognize us as good people who just happen to sell insurance.”

Whitney Goble added that offering protection, safety and security to local families is also a big deal.

“If we can help someone not have to worry, we are making a difference,” she said. “That sounds cheesy, but it spoke to me. Most of us are one paycheck away from an emergency. It feels good to provide a layer of assurance to people.”

Integrity Insurance Group is located at 100 Carl Shipp Drive in Liberty Hill and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed for lunch). For more information, visit or call (512) 515-5533.