In Mayor’s race, Hall outraises Branigan – nets nearly $10,000


In the first sign of what the money race looks like in the 2020 Liberty Hill Mayor’s race, incumbent Rick Hall leads the way by a wide margin, behind large donations from developers.

In semi-annual required campaign finance reports, Hall showed $9,750 raised and $4,253.43 spent, compared to Liz Branigan’s $1,190 raised and $443.50 spent.

Twelve contributions were made to Hall’s campaign between Feb. 15 and mid-July. Among them were business contributions, including $1,500 from Larkspur, which is a Milestone development, $1,000 from Coffin Investment, and $500 from 1941 LTD.

The Coffin Investment company profile provides an address on Ronald Reagan Boulevard, and identifies Philip Coffin as a principal. A group of siblings from the Kauffman family are identified as the partners in 1941 LTD, and is tied to 285 acres located between Liberty Hill and Georgetown at the intersection of Ronald Reagan Blvd and Highway 29.

Four other donors – Wyatt Henderson, David Howell, John Marlin and Robert Wunsch – donated $500 each and are all affiliated with MA Partners and the MorningStar subdivision, also near the Ronald Reagan and SH 29 intersection.

Steve Bamsch, a Realtor with Keller Williams in Georgetown, contributed $1,000 and Amy Renee Andrews contributed $500. A pair of attorneys – Joshua Kahn and Julianne Bremer Kugle – affiliated with SKLaw contributed $375 each. The top donor for Hall was James Jacobs at $2,500.

Hall listed expenditures at Digitex ($704.41 and $156.96), Home Depot ($32), Best Buy ($215.41), Alpha Print Services ($303.10), Minute Man Press ($664.66 and $926.89) and Fidelis Publishing – Liberty Hill Digest Magazine – for $1,250.

Branigan’s contributions include $200 she contributed to her own campaign, and $200 from her son, Jon Branigan.

Other donors include $40 from Marianne Laughlin, $200 from former Liberty Hill Planning Director Jim Bechtol, and $100 from former City Council member Ron Rhea and his wife, Donna.

Branigan’s top donor is former Liberty Hill City Administrator Greg Boatright and his wife, Debbie, for $500.

Branigan’s listed expense of $443.50 was at Digitex Printing.

Neither candidate reported the purpose of the listed expenditures or items purchased.

The candidates’ next finance report will be due 30 days prior to the Nov. 3 election.