House fulfilling childhood dream

Andrea House grew up playing basketball and is now fulfilling a childhood dream as a leader for the Lady Panthers. (Alex Rubio Photo)

Andrea House grew up playing basketball and is now fulfilling a childhood dream as a leader for the Lady Panthers. (Alex Rubio Photo)

By Paul Livengood

Andrea House, senior guard for the Lady Panthers, grew up in Liberty Hill. Liberty Hill is all she’s ever known.

Sports quickly became an integral part of her life. Mom was a four-time Michigan state champion in high school volleyball and a three-time state champion in basketball. Dad competed in gymnastics and basketball as well.

The House family is competitive. In fact, House grew up playing in sand volleyball tournaments with family and friends every year.

“We play sand volleyball all the time, we play a tournament in our backyard,” she said. “Whenever everybody is there (at the house), we definitely play, and it gets competitive.”

House played basketball since she was in kindergarten and loved going to the Liberty Hill basketball games to watch the high school girls play.

“I always thought, I couldn’t wait to get up there,” House said. “Back then, I really liked when they would warm up and they would have music. That was so cool to me. Then they run out to (the music) and they had those button up (sweat) pants and they would rip those off. That was always fun. I loved that.”

In her sophomore year, House finally got to live her childhood dream. She went from watching the girls run out to the music and tearing off those buttoned up sweat pants to being “that girl” in the varsity uniform.

“My sophomore year we had them,” House said. “I was pulled up (sophomore year). It’s great because the team bonding is awesome. I love it. I love the girls.”

House was pulled up to varsity for the playoffs that season and has been on the team ever since.

House is the third child of four, the second oldest of three girls and has one older brother, who is enlisted in the Marine Corps. House competes with her Marine brother in basketball all the time, and beats the taller older brother who she says is “out of practice.” House’s brother is more of a recreational basketball player, and the one-on-one matches exhibit the fun sibling competition.

One person House says she’s never competed against, ironically, is older sister and former Liberty Hill basketball player Bridgett House. Bridgett House played guard for the 2015-16 Lady Panthers, who competed in the state semi-final game.

Bridgett is a freshman at San Angelo State University where Andrea plans to also attend after the senior graduates from Liberty Hill.

“We are definitely going to play intramurals together, so that’ll be a lot of fun,” Andrea said.

Andrea said she would love to play for San Angelo State if she got an offer, and would potentially try walking on should the opportunity present itself.

However, the senior chose San Angelo State for its kinesiology program as well as being able to reunite with her sister. Andrea will major in kinesiology at the university in the fall.

She wasn’t always interested in kinesiology. Growing up, Andrea wanted to be an orthodontist. That all changed when she broke her arm in eighth grade.

“I ended up having to get surgery on it,” Andrea said. “I had to go through physical therapy, and the physical therapist I had, she was great. I loved her.”

For now, Andrea House has her senior year to complete before she ships off to San Angelo. There are still a handful more months for her to hang out with her friends on the team, a core group that has played basketball together at Liberty Hill and on the same select team since junior high.