Hospital coming to Liberty Hill



Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, which is partnered with Seton, is planning to build a new hospital on the southwest corner of Seward Junction, the intersection of US 183 and SH 29.

Liberty Hill Mayor Rick Hall announced the plan Monday. Hospital officials did not confirm the announcement, but said they would be issuing a press release and more information soon.

“Cedar Park Regional has purchased land at the southwest (corner of the) intersection on the interior of the Seward Junction loop from the 183 entrance side,” Hall said. “Hopefully they will be putting their sign up here in the next week or so.”

The timeline is not set for construction, but Hall said plans should be completed soon.

“They’re hoping to have their final design plans in to the City before the end of this year to get approval so they can get started after the first of the year,” he said.

According to Hall, the hospital will be completed in a number of phases.

“They’re still trying to decide what phase they will do, but ultimately the final build out will mirror very similar to what is in Cedar Park,” Hall said. “It will have an ER it will have a hospital and a medical center. The timing on all that will be dependent on growth in the city and the need for that.”

The impact the new addition to the highway intersection will have is expected to spur increased business growth, said Hall.

“A lot of retailers, when they think of anchors as far as the first place that comes in, a lot think of grocery stores, which is typically true, but a hospital is also a great anchor for any new development because it has such a high demand,” he said. “There’s always need for fast food, always need for restaurants and for different types of facilities because of all the employees in the hospital.

“We’re really hopeful this is going to be part of that anchor we need here in Liberty Hill to get that junction out there started.”

Cedar Park Regional Hospital has 108 licensed beds and 621 physicians. It offers care in 28 different specialties.