Guice retires after 22 years with Liberty Hill Post Office



Over the past 22 years, when walking into the Liberty Hill post office, Mary Guice was always waiting to help with mailing needs. After more than two decades of service, Guice is retiring and preparing to embark on a new adventure.

A mother, wife, and dedicated worker are some of the words used to describe Guice. Another is veteran. Before serving the Liberty Hill community, Guice served her country in the U.S. Army. Set on a path of academic focus in her early adulthood, Guise felt the need to experience more in her life.

“I was in college when I joined the military. I was on a math scholarship, and I just decided I wanted to do something different. So, I just joined the military. When I was in the military, I completed my education and earned my degree in business,” she said. “I loved it. I had a good time in the military. I traveled all around, and I’ve been all over Europe. I loved it. In Spain, everything was so colorful, and when I was there, the dollar was strong, and things were cheap at the time.”

When the time came to move on from the military, Guise decided to take the postal worker exam.

“I was in communications in my last 10 years, and I worked brigade level. I worked directly with the colonel and the general,” Guice said. “I decided to take the test to be a postal worker on a whim. I took the test in an auditorium in Austin, and I ended up getting picked.”

Moving to Killeen in 1993, the Louisiana native felt at home in Texas, embracing the familiar culture.

“It’s not that much different being here in Texas. We like to barbecue every weekend; people like to party all the time,” said Guice. “In Louisiana, they have a lot of different events like Mardi Gras and different balls you can attend. Our food is different. We do a lot of spicy food, but the culture is not that different. The people here are friendly, like in Louisiana.”

Despite feeling at home in her new surroundings, separation from the military lifestyle she grew to know made adjusting in her career difficult.

“It’s a completely different lifestyle, working in the military and being on the outside,” said Guice. “Adjusting was very hard. The hardest part was the regulations. In the military, you have strict regulations, and you follow them to a T. At the post office, you sometimes bend things to help the customer.”

Eventually, the veteran settled in and grew to love her career, enough to drive 40 minutes to work every day.

“The people keep me coming here. I like the people. I like working with the people here because everyone does their job,” said Guice. “We don’t take sick leave unless it’s necessary. Everybody does their job, and everyone knows what they have to do. And the people that come into the post office are friendly. Not all, but most of them.”

For Guice, her job is vital to the community she serves.

“People depend on their mail all the time. They get their checks and important everyday information,” she said. “So, the post office is an essential job, and it needs to be done by people who are trustworthy.”

One significant thing Guice will miss is working during the holiday season — her favorite time of the year.

“I’ve always done the same thing. I’ve always been a clerk,” said Guice. “My favorite time of the year is Christmas because everyone comes in, and they’re happy and mailing out gifts. They’re happy and nice because you can help make the holiday easier for them.”

Guice’s life so far is segmented into three phases, pre-military, active military, and postal worker. Guice is now stepping into the next phase of her life – retirement.

“My husband and I want to travel. I want to go to Puerto Rico and then visit some of my old Army buddies,” said Guice. “Everybody always tells me the water is so clear in Puerto Rico. I want to go into some of the underground caverns, too. I want to see my buddies, talk, and reminisce.”