Furniture Market aims to bring unique pieces to customers


By Rachel Madison

After more than two decades in the furniture selling business, Dwain Schuh knows a thing or two about what customers are looking for when it comes to furnishing their homes.

When he opened his second Furniture Market location in North Leander in late 2018, he was ready to bring his furniture knowledge to the surrounding areas.

Schuh, who owns Furniture Market, is also the developer of The Shops at San Gabriel Ridge, where his store is located. He knew when he developed the shopping center, he wanted to open a second location of his furniture store. His original store has been in Austin since 1999.

“I started a wholesale furniture distribution company in 1996, and when I opened my retail store in 1999, I brought my wholesale pricing to the retail store,” Schuh said. “Oak and Pine Superstore was our name back then, and that model was phenomenally successful.”

Schuh chose to locate his second Furniture Market store at The Shops at San Gabriel Ridge because he had been looking for a location that he could develop, and he knew he wanted to include a Furniture Market store in the center. Besides the obvious growth of the Leander and Liberty Hill areas, he also knew that US Highway 183 is a funnel for all the towns that are north, east and west of Leander.

“The risk has paid off,” he said. “Our business has gone up multiple fold in some of the other towns around here.”

Schuh changed the original store’s name to Furniture Market in 2004, which was a great move for his business, he said.

“We didn’t have the word ‘furniture’ in the old name, and the industry was quickly evolving so we changed the name,” he said. “The Furniture Market is actually the place we go to buy all the furniture we sell, so in a way, we bring the Furniture Market to the people here in Texas.”

While it’s not the only style they sell, Schuh said his store is known for being the biggest rustic dealer in Texas. In addition to his stores, he also still has a wholesale company that wholesales rustic furniture all over the Southern United States, which gives him tremendous buying power for his stores.

“Just like in the old days, we pass those savings on to the customer,” he added.

Furniture Market also sells unique rocks, minerals and fossils, many of which are large enough to use as accent pieces in the home.

“We go to a show once a year and have a lot of fun buying the stuff, and then bringing it back and putting it in the stores,” Schuh said. “We have people who keep in touch with us, wanting to know the first day we’ll be back. We have these pieces from the size of 8 inches all the way up to 3 feet. We call it art by God.”

Schuh said his stores are also known as the headquarters for cow hides, because they’re a great price and they are imported directly from Brazil.

“There’s not a series of people in between us and the manufacturer,” he said. “Brazil is known for providing the very best quality of cowhides out there. Other countries offer cowhides, but the quality doesn’t hold a candle to Brazil.”

Schuh said his company has also become an expert in leather furniture over the years. He added that Furniture Market offers leather sofas and chairs that would be considered a great value without sacrificing the quality of the furniture. His stores also offer special orders for customers to design leather furniture in any way they can imagine.

Next door to The Furniture Market is Olivia’s Sleep Shop, named after Schuh’s daughter. Because he had some extra space in the center after developing it, he decided to add the sleep shop to complement his furniture store.

“We’re not your average furniture story by any stretch of the imagination,” Schuh said. “That comes from the furniture that we select for our stores, which is selected very carefully to be well built, good quality, and really designed to last longer than people want it to. My employees are all experts with all the types of furniture we carry. They are paid a commission, but we are very low pressure. We pay a commission so that the customer has somebody to come back to. In the end the customer gets tremendously better service because of that.”

Shopping in store is an option, as is shopping online on Furniture Market’s website at

Furniture Market is located at 2082 Hwy. 183 in Leander and is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays.