Foundation will provide support, opportunities for innovative education



The Liberty Hill ISD Education Foundation is the youngest charity taking part in this year’s Day of Giving. Founded last December, the organization’s goal is to raise money to help teachers and students experience new and innovative ways of teaching and learning.

“The mission is to partner with the community to help promote and inspire teaching and help innovative educational solutions that are outside the normal for what an operational budget in a school district would look like,” said Foundation President John Newberg. “We do that by providing grants for teachers and classrooms, by providing scholarships for students and providing opportunities for innovative education.”

The foundation is a mix of parents, community members and businesses and includes an executive director, president, secretary, four vice presidents, the superintendent and two trustees.

“We are still getting off the ground, November of last year is when the certificate of formation was submitted,” said Newberg. “So, we’re very new and still working through the processes of figuring out what this looks like and what a board meeting looks like. We’re all volunteers with regular jobs so we’re still learning how a foundation like this works.”

The organization aims to reach out to the community to help raise funds for teacher grants as well as scholarships for students.

“We’re founded in conjunction with the school district to cultivate some community engagement and involvement to benefit the students and staff with a focus on education,” said Newberg. “It’s going to award funds that we raise to provide things like teacher grants, recognition of student achievements, recognition of teaching excellence.”

Part of what the foundation hopes to do includes rewarding teachers for the work they do with students.

“Recently our education foundation was able to partner with businesses and give them signs,” said Vice President of Development Mary Lyn Jones. “We gave them goody bags with the help of the businesses and some ice cream. This was just one of our first initiatives.”

As a young organization, the foundation hopes that getting involved with the Liberty Hill Day of Giving can give it a boost moving into the next phases of its work.

“Our district is growing so fast and there’s things that our teachers and students want to do that our tax dollars can’t support,” said Executive Director Kristy Kercheville. “We’re looking for independent partners and people to come out and help us raise money.”

The charity is asking for $5,000 in donations during the Day of Giving, a small but meaningful step towards the goal of $50,000 for the first year.