First Texas Bank names new VP

Zane Hudson recently joined First Texas Bank in Liberty Hill as its new vice president. He is ready to hit the ground running. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

Zane Hudson recently joined First Texas Bank in Liberty Hill as its new vice president. He is ready to hit the ground running. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

First Texas Bank has a new vice president who is dedicated to continuing to help grow the Liberty Hill community.

Zane Hudson has 19 years of private banking experience under his belt including four years of regulatory. He started off as a bank teller and then after college worked for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and then went into private banking.

“It’s an opportunity to pursue lending again,” Hudson said of taking on the role of vice president at the bank. He spent one-and-a-half years at the First Texas Bank branch in Round Rock before accepting his new position nearly three weeks ago.

“It was a great opportunity at First Texas Bank at what I believed to be a great community with a lot of potential for growth,” he said. During his time at the Round Rock branch, Hudson did credit analysis including both commercial and consumer loans, real estate and the like.

Though he is new to the Liberty Hill community, Hudson is looking to move to town. Born and raised in Las Cruces, N.M., he attended New Mexico State University and worked in the Texas cities of Plano, Frisco and El Paso, completed a stint in Boston, Mass., before moving to Austin.

“I’m just getting started reaching out to contacts and existing customers on the loan and deposit side,” Hudson said. “I’ve reached out to the Chamber of Commerce and am planning on attending the luncheon tomorrow (Feb. 25).”

He is also getting acquainted with business and community leaders in neighboring cities and organizations such as the Rotary Club. His goal is to make sure First Texas Bank meets business and community needs. This coincides with the bank’s mission of “exhibiting unparalleled customer service that exceeds their expectations, providing bank products to meet their individual financial needs, and fostering an environment to keep their financial matters strictly confidential and secure.”

Hudson is ready to serve the community whether it’s businesses or community members needing auto or recreational loans, home loans, commercial business credit or construction loans and more.

“Construction loans, especially with the growth in this area, is anticipated to continue,” Hudson said. “Land loans for individuals wanting to buy land for future construction. Development loans for houses whether spec or pre-sold. The primary responsibility is to develop the market as far as Liberty Hill and continue to develop it on behalf of land lending and depository needs of the customer base here.”

He believes First Texas Bank stands out from other banks because of its excellent customer service standards as well as its long-term employees who are dedicated to the community and enjoy building relationships with residents.

“Reaching out to them and become acquainted with them,” Hudson said. “Recognizing them when they come through our door and fostering a very strong relationship is one of the things we pride ourselves in.”

Banking Officer David Edgar said First Texas Bank is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, hosts an open house every year for customers and the community, is involved in the Liberty Hill Christmas Parade and with various local Christian and business organizations.

Hudson earned a BBA in business management from New Mexico State University and attained his graduate degree from Southwestern Methodist University Graduate School of Banking.

He has four siblings, including two sisters and two brothers. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and has been riding since 1980. He owns a 2009 Harley Davidson Street Glide.

In the past, he was an adventurer of sorts, as an active skier, scuba diver, hand glider and as a private pilot. He played semi pro-football for a brief time in Colorado. He wrestled in high school and played rugby for 10 years. He also was a freelance photographer at one time.

“That’s how I got into football,” Hudson shared. “I started playing rugby at New Mexico (State University).”

He is an animal lover and welcomed three foster dogs into his home. He enjoys music, cooking and spending time with his furry pets.

First Texas Bank is located at 721 US Highway 183.