Do you feel safe in Liberty Hill?


To learn more about the community’s views on public safety issues, The Independent is hosting an online poll and encouraging residents to participate.

The poll, which can be found at, consists of 15 questions about topics ranging from a respondent’s exposure to crime to a student’s possible exposure to drugs, alcohol and violence in Liberty Hill schools.

In recent weeks as local governments prepare to adopt budgets for the coming fiscal year, discussions about community safety have become more frequent.

Perhaps spurred by reports of criminal activity in the area, some elected officials believe an increased law enforcement presence is needed.

“We’re conducting this poll because we believe it’s important to know the citizens’ perception of how safe the community and its schools are,” said Managing Editor Shelly Wilkison. “Perhaps public input will be valuable to decision makers.”

A link to the survey was posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page Tuesday morning, and by the end of the day, more than 280 people had participated in the poll.

The deadline to submit responses is Sept. 7.

Among the questions asked are:
– Do you feel that you or someone you know could become a victim of crime in the Liberty Hill area within the next 12 months?
– Do you believe the Liberty Hill Police Department should have officers on duty around the clock?
– Do you believe the speed limit should be reduced from 55mph on SH 29 through Liberty Hill?
– Has your child or a friend’s child been exposed to any of the following on Liberty Hill school property within the past 12 months? Illegal drugs, alcohol, assault, weapons?
– Do you believe Liberty Hill students and school employees would be safer if a School Resource Officer program was implemented in the school district under the supervision of a local law enforcement agency?

The results of the survey will be published in next week’s edition of The Independent, and will also be available online at