ESD Commissioners approve financing plan for pumper truck


By Hal Brown

Williamson County Emergency Services District #4 Commissioners approved financing arrangements last week for a new pumper truck to be stationed at the planned second fire station in the district.

The $682,000 truck is scheduled for delivery in February 2018, shortly before the new station at Ronald Reagan and the entrance to Santa Rita Ranch subdivision is expected to open. The truck will also require $175,000 in fire equipment. ESD commissioners voted to make a $125,000 down payment on the new truck.

Fire Chief Anthony Lincoln said the down payment will finance purchase of materials for the new truck.

“They use our money when they start to build the truck,” said Lincoln.

He said the company will pay 4.5 percent interest on the down payment until it is withdrawn to begin construction.

Lincoln said the new truck will be very similar to the district’s present pumper truck, allowing easier maintenance.

“The design is very similar,” Lincoln said. “If you have parts for one, you have parts for the other. It’s a big advantage in having a fleet that’s very similar.”

The action Nov. 21 also allows a more favorable interest rate on the purchase of the truck and secures 10-year financing on the vehicle, rather than 15 years. The payments for the truck will be about $58,000 annually for the 10-year note as opposed to the $56,000 annual payment for the 15-year note. Savings will come with the shorter length of the 10-year contract.

Lincoln said 2018 delivery of the truck also locks in a favorable 3.5 percent interest rate. Interest rates for new trucks have already gone up to 3.81 percent interest.

Commissioners also approved financing for a squad fire apparatus purchase approved in the October meeting.

In other action, Commissioners hired the Houston accounting firm of Belt, Hayes and Pechacek as an auditor. The firm will be paid $9,300 a year for audits for the next five years. The district had budgeted $10,000 for the audit.