EDITORIAL: Your hometown paper is changing, growing with Liberty Hill


A newspaper serves the needs of a growing community by growing with it.

The Independent has been a part of this community for more than three decades, and as Liberty Hill grows, so do we, evolving in many ways.

You may notice a few changes immediately when you browse this week’s edition, the first being that we present a sleeker, newer look with lots more color. Today, photos from the first page to the last will be in color, as are the messages from your local advertisers.

It is 2018, and while some of us may hold some bit of nostalgia for those old newspaper days of classic black and white across the pages, we know that full color sports photos stir the hearts in Panther country and feature photos help us tell your stories even clearer in vibrant color.

The Independent has always taken very seriously its responsibility to help local advertisers grow their businesses and promote their services, developing new ways to enhance those messages. Presenting them in color on every page is just another way to provide an even higher level of customer service. Doing so at a great price reminds our customers how much they mean to us.

Like every business, the newspaper business has changed over the last two decades. We’ve worked diligently to find our place online, and adjust to shifting readership habits.

Metropolitan daily papers have shrunk in page counts, and many have seen a dip in subscribers. Some have even cut the number of production days, consolidated services and laid off staff in an effort to save money.

Community newspapers like your Liberty Hill Independent are having no such issues. We are growing with our community, getting more involved in it every day, and bringing more relevant content to our readers.

With more than 5,000 Facebook followers, and selling 2,000-plus papers each week we are reaching more readers than ever. If there is a new way to reach Liberty Hill area readers, we do it. We spend time each week looking for new and exciting ways to bring real news to our neighbors.

We are growing and thriving, and like any other business, we look forward to facing the challenges of making our customers proud.

Access to newsprint and ever-increasing costs has made keeping up with local demand a challenge for community newspapers like ours. In spite of shifting markets we have chosen not to pass those cost increases on to advertisers and subscribers. The Independent has found a way to keep our product at the same great value for our readers and advertisers as well.

By trimming an inch off the edge of the paper, The Independent gets a new, slimmer look, and gets to save on printing costs as newsprint prices increase. By shifting to a new printer, on a narrow width, we were also able to bring color to every page as well.

The Independent is not one for remaining in the past. The future is where we want to be, sharing all the news that’s important and exciting as we grow with Liberty Hill.

We hope you love the new-look Independent.