EDITORIAL: Economic health another critical concern


First, we think about the health of our friends and families. Nothing can be more important than that as we deal with the unknowns surrounding COVID-19.

But we don’t have to look very far to identify other residual concerns we must cope with as we tend to our physical health. The health of our businesses, which is forever tied to the health of our community as a whole, is a second concern that creates more worry among business owners every day.

But just like we can take precautions to minimize the impact of the virus on our physical health here in Liberty Hill, we can work to minimize how it impacts our economy as well.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of Liberty Hill. The city and school district rely on these businesses, and residents need local shops, restaurants and services to live the life they expect and desire in Liberty Hill.

The Independent is not immune to the concerns local businesses are experiencing. But like all other small businesses in Liberty Hill, the 32-year-old newspaper is adjusting quickly and is dedicated to weathering the storm. We are also focused on offering what we can to help minimize the impact on our partners in the community.

Other businesses rely on us just as we rely on them. It is no different than neighbors calling on one another. We are determined to continue to strengthen the local business community even in the face of an unknown future.

How has your business changed? What do customers need to know about how you have adjusted how you operate? The Independent doesn’t want to break the rule of no more than 10 people together, but the newspaper can bring your message to 1,500 homes and virtually to more than 7,500 social media followers.

If you have different hours, tell us and we’ll tell everyone else. A limited menu or online-only sales? We can get that message out for you. All you have to do is let us know, and each week The Independent will be publishing important changes and information from local businesses to make it that much easier to connect them with their customers.

The only way to minimize the pain and anxiety for local small businesses is to keep the business going. While you can no longer go sit down for a meal, many area restaurants are preparing to offer expanded take out or delivery services. Caution doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite local meals.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like the time to go on a shopping spree, but there’s still that aunt in Lubbock that has a birthday coming up and one of our local shops probably has the perfect item.

Insurance still has to be purchased, taxes still have to be filed and of course, doctors have to be seen. This is as good a time as any to make the decision not to leave Liberty Hill for any of these necessities.

Our businesses and area non-profit organizations need our support more than ever. And if we all have one eye on a future that resembles today, we need to do what we can to promote the health of every part of Liberty Hill so that this virus and the current state of affairs don’t claim any economic victims.