EDITORIAL: City makes the right decision


It was a decision no one wanted to make.

The Liberty Hill Independence Day Spectacular became the community’s signature celebration over its first four years, and the City of Liberty Hill was focused and determined to make this year even better.

But sometimes there are outside forces that nudge us into a corner and leave us nothing but difficult, unhappy choices to make, and COVID-19 pushed communities across the country in that corner when it came to how to celebrate Independence Day.

Liberty Hill announced today it is canceling the event this year, originally slated for July 3, working to the bitter end to find ways to make it safe and keep it going to give everyone something to enjoy in these most stressful of times.

It was surely a hard decision, and we can all be glad we were not the ones having to make it, but we should all agree the City made the right one. We applaud City leaders for deciding that risking the public health amid so many unknowns was not worth it, even for a party we know has become one of the best in Central Texas.

We are thankful for the hard work that went into planning the event, the careful thought that went into the decision to cancel it, and the message that sends about the City’s priority of public health and safety.

It is the responsibility of us all to try and make decisions that keep ourselves, our families and our neighbors safe, and the City decided that as enjoyable as it might be, a gathering of a few thousand at City Park simply came with too many risks.

We will all miss the Spectacular, just as we have missed school, sports, dining out and just being together. But these difficult decisions now will help bring us all together again sooner rather than later as we try to get past this virus.

We want to soon be able to gather for community events, cheer on the Panthers in the gym and on the field, shop, dine and work the way we did only three long months ago.

So help the City of Liberty Hill help us all. Wear a mask to protect others, observe social distancing practices, continue to dry your hands out with that sanitizer, and keep your focus on that future when next July we all gather at City Park for a celebration that will be long overdue.