Construction underway on Liberty Hill Pediatrics building


By Rachel Madison

The providers at Liberty Hill Pediatrics have been seeing local patients since 2015, and now, they’re preparing to bring the same small-town care to a brand-new building.

Dr. Tiffani Scott, owner of Liberty Hill Pediatrics, said when she opened her practice on Jonathan Drive, the size of the clinic was fine, but now, because of the growth occurring in Liberty Hill, her practice needs more space. Scott, who is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner with her doctorate and a degree in psychology, said even though Liberty Hill Pediatrics is moving into a new building, the business will remain the same, complete with the small-town feel patients have come to love.

“We are always going to have that small-town feel,” Scott said. “It’s very important to us that patients don’t feel rushed, don’t feel it’s a corporation, and that their provider takes their time.”

Construction began June 8 on the new building located just to the east of Liberty Meadows Plaza on SH 29. Gage and Cade Construction is the general contractor on the project.

“Our patients have been asking for updates on the new office for a long time,” Scott said. “It took a long time to get the permits we needed, and then once we got permits, COVID hit. Then the ice storm hit, so it was one thing after another. Now we are ready and we are building as fast as we can. We are hopeful there won’t be any more hold ups other than normal things like building inspections.”

The 6,000-square-foot building is expected to be completed in about six months, Scott added. The new building will have 14 exam rooms, as well as two separate entrances for sick and well children.

“A lot of parents have made comments wishing our Liberty Hill office had that, so we are going to do it,” Scott said. “That way babies coming in for [well checks] won’t be mixed in with the sick kids.”

Because the providers at Liberty Hill Pediatrics see children from birth to age 22, Scott said the office won’t just be for babies—it will be geared toward the older children and young adults as well. The new office will also have a breastfeeding room and lactation consultant onsite, in addition to consultation rooms for mental health consults.

“All of our providers will see kids for ADHD, behavioral issues, depression or anxiety,” Scott said. “Especially with everything that’s gone on this last year, that’s a big part of our practice.”

When the new practice opens, the hours will be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Scott said the practice will also offer Saturday hours as well as appointments during the lunch hour. She said the practice may also eventually offer a walk-in clinic for certain hours during the week.

“When you call us, you are always going to be able to talk to somebody on the phone, even over lunch,” Scott said. “We also have an after-hours line. It’s not like calling a call center. Even though we are growing, we still want parents to think of us as a small-town practice and feel comfortable coming to us.”

The current lineup of practitioners at Liberty Hill Pediatrics includes Scott, as well as Dr. Tim Spence, MD; Dr. Laura Swann, DNP, MSN, CPNP-PC; and Katie Daymon, MSN, CPNP-PC. Liberty Hill Pediatrics also has a sister office in Cedar Park, called Whitestone Pediatrics. Patients are welcome to use both offices, Scott said.

“Our patients are not a number,” Scott said. “We truly care about them like they are our own family. A lot of the struggles parents go through—we have been there because we are also parents. We go from diagnosing simple ear infections to cancer to depression. It’s not just one thing we deal with on a day-to-day basis. We are invested in the community.”

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