Comanche Trail Veterinary Center Grand Opening


Comanche Trail Veterinary Center Grand Opening

When Dr. Russel Martin first opened Comanche Trail Veterinary Center, he was still working to get the center up to a full-operations level.

But, to those who know him and work with him, it came as no surprise that he wasn’t letting a little lack of space stop him from providing top-notch care.

“There was one point, we didn’t have our equipment entirely set up, so we had to get a bit creative,” said Office Manager Sarah Brisiel.

It only took a few short weeks to get the center up and running, and now Comanche Trail Veterinary Center offers full-service small animal care.

Dr. Martin moved to Liberty Hill in 2006, from Pearland, after taking some time to build his family’s home. He previously worked in the area in the 1990’s, at veterinary clinics in Leander and Georgetown. When it came time to open his own practice, he settled on Liberty Hill. He moved here with his wife, Shauna, and their sons, Cole and Ryder.

Dr. Martin received a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Tarleton University, and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University.

Most people consider routine veterinary care an out-of-reach expense – a notion that Comanche Trail Veterinary Center works hard to overcome.

“We set prices very competitively. From the outset, there’s a misconception about the general high expense of medical care. The expectation of high cost is already there, but here, that is not the case,” said Ms. Brisiel. “We don’t want people to avoid taking their animals in to get care, just to avoid an automatic $300 bill. I can’t tell you how many times we have handed people their bill, and they’ve been shocked by how low it is.”

Dr. Martin is confident that it is the staff at Comanche Trail that creates the environment.

“They’re overeducated,” he says with a laugh. “Most vet offices don’t have UT grads sitting at the front desk.”

In addition to Ms. Brisiel, Dr. Martin works alongside Clinical Care Coordinator Mandy Fults, a Registered Vet Tech and Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner.

“That’s generally something that only the doctors do,” says Dr. Martin.

Mrs. Fults is also working with staff members to create a special training program based on her certifications, so that all members of Comanche Trail’s support staff can do clinical assesments.

“It’s not just knowing how, it’s knowing why,” she said.

Mrs. Fults works closely with Vet Techs Laurie Dickerson and Cindy Van Meeteren.

“Basically, what we want is for the entire staff to be able to do assessments. We once had a case, where a dog was bitten, and it was rather bad. Our staff was able to assess the dog, and get him stabilized while we called Dr. Martin back into the office.

“While we’re not an emergency 24/7 facility, we’re also not going to turn people away. We offer small-town care. We’re not a cookie-cutter vet hospital,” said Ms. Brisiel.

As an example of this philosophy, Dr. Martin customizes vaccine protocol for each individual patient. Comanche Trail offers vaccines for cats that are less likely to cause vaccine-related cancer and they strive not to over-vaccinate pets.

“The best part of having my own practice,” says Dr. Martin, “is that I can do anything I want to do, even if it costs me money. You go to other places in Austin, they’re trying to get you to sign up for the next appointment before you leave the first. We’re here to take care of you, not to sell to you.”

Comanche Trail Veterinary Center offers full-service small animal care, including vaccinations, routine spay and neuters, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, a full pharmacy, a full line of diagnostic care including in-house ultrasounds, x-rays, and diagnostic bloodwork. They also offer spa days for pets, including mani/pedis, bathing, and anal sac expression.

Comanche Trail offers standard discounts to members of the military, senior citizens, and multi-pet households.

For more information call (512) 548-5065 or visit