City: Over the Hill Gang safe


News that the City of Liberty Hill is planning to purchase the County Annex building where the Over The Hill Gang meets, raised concerns last week that the facility may be going away.

The concern was it would be removed to make room for much-needed downtown parking.

“We don’t have any intended use of that building, as far as changing the use of it,” City Administrator Greg Boatright said. “We may modernize it.”

The County and City are beginning negotiations for purchase of the building, with the County asking the City to get an appraisal.

“The County has informed me they have a location where they are very interested in moving their operations, so they want us to get appraisals done so we can make offers to them,” Boatright said.

Currently Williamson County constable and sheriff’s deputies use it, as well as the Over The Hill Gang. The Liberty Hill Development Foundation Board and Lions Club also use it for meetings.

“There are various civic clubs that utilize the building, and we want that use,” Boatright said. “It’s a good use for that building, it is a great activity for our seniors, so we want that use to continue.”

There are no plans to remove the building, but Boatright said it was likely once it is purchased that the City would work on improvements to the parking lot and building.

“We would look at updating that building. They’ve done a good job of utilizing it for what it is, but there’s some improvements that need to be made,” he said. “We would work with them and around their schedule to accommodate them. We do want to create more parking, but we want to do it around that building, not on top of it.”

The chance for a new home for the groups using the building was mentioned in relation to long-term city growth.

“At some point in the future we may build a rec center that they could utilize and have a much more updated and modern facility,” Boatright said. “But if that building ever goes away, we will certainly make accommodations for them to continue meeting in some type of municipal building. But right now, we have no plans to change the use of that building.”

There is no timetable or anticipated price for purchase of the building at this time.