Changes coming to US 183


A trio of projects impacting the US 183 corridor are in the works, and while some are still years from completion, changes could be seen as soon as late summer.

One traffic signal, two road projects and further toll road development are in the works to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.

Residents of Summerlyn and Larkspur subdivisions will soon have the benefit of traffic signals when trying to get in and out of their neighborhoods on Larkspur and Whitewing at US 183.

In a letter to area residents, Pct. 2 Williamson County Commissioner Cynthia Long said discussions with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have led to an agreement to signalize the intersection and a contract has been awarded for $2.5 million to The Levy Company to do 13 signal projects.

Long indicated the signals would be operational next fall and that this signal was a priority for TxDOT among those 13 under bid.

Two road improvements intended to create a southern bypass of the US 183 and SH 29 intersection have been bid and are expected to begin work this spring.

The Seward Junction Southwest project will construct a two-lane road from SH 29 at County Road 213 to US 183 at County Road 259. Directly across US 183, a second two-lane roadway will be built from US 183 at County Road 259 to SH 29 at County Road 266. Both roads have the right of way to eventually be built out to six total lanes. An at-grade crossing of US 183 is included in the project.

The project was awarded to Jordan Foster for $12.9 million. It is estimated to be completed in early 2020.

“It will be real helpful for getting around that intersection,” Long said. “Because of the Oldcastle Plant right there (near the southwest project), and all the hauling traffic that is going through there, when we bid that out, we bid two alternatives and one of them was to do it concrete because we didn’t want to build the road and have those trucks trash it out within a couple of years. Those two sections are actually going to be done in concrete.”

As these projects are planned to break ground soon, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is planning another public hearing on the extension of 183A June 11.

The CTRMA is currently in the environmental process on the project, and anticipating final design in the fall of 2019 and the start of construction in 2020. Anticipated completion time is 2023.

The basic plan will be to extend the toll road from Hero Way in Leander north to about one mile past the SH 29 intersection, a 6.6-mile stretch. The planned transition back to non-tolled highway will be around CR 258.

No changes in the plan have been made since the first public meeting in November 2018, and CTRMA reiterated that the toll road is expected to run under SH 29 at that intersection.

Specific locations for the accompanying shared use path and potential parking areas under the roadway similar to those near Brushy Creek in Cedar Park are being discussed to allow easier access to the South San Gabriel River.

“We are now just starting the final design phase, where we anticipate tweaks to the design and further definition of the shared use path around the river,” said CTRMA Spokesperson Dee Anne Heath. “We have had discussions with the cities of Liberty Hill and Leander to discuss potential amenities around the river. More detailed concepts will be vetted during the early parts of the final design process.”