Businessman, volunteer joins LHISD Board

The Lindquist family enjoys a trip to Port Aransas. From left are Kaiah, Trent, Laura, Keira and Scott Lindquist. (Courtesy Photo)

The Lindquist family enjoys a trip to Port Aransas. From left are Kaiah, Trent, Laura, Keira and Scott Lindquist. (Courtesy Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

Scott Lindquist is one of two new members joining the Liberty Hill school board this spring. He brings with him a plethora of business experience, a passion for community service and pride in his hometown.

Lindquist and Jeff Madison are unopposed in two open seats on the Board of Trustees, and as a result, the Board is expected to cancel the school board election in May.

“I’ve been asked by people to go ahead and do it before,” Lindquist said. However, the timing did not seem right until now.

“I had friends running and it was a situation where I didn’t want to run against anyone,” he said. “But people would ask me, ‘Would you go ahead and do it,’ and I said, ‘I’ll figure out a way to do it.’”

With his investment in the community, including his children who attend Liberty Hill schools, he knew he was ready to help the district make some of its most important decisions amid continued growth.

“I’ve been involved for years in the schools,” Lindquist said. “I’m president of the (Liberty Hill) Community League (Basketball) so I like to help out and better everything for the community.” Lindquist’s family moved to Liberty Hill from Georgetown when he was in middle school. He graduated from Liberty Hill High School in 1990. He earned a degree in education from Southwestern Assemblies of God and taught two years in public school and two years in private school.

He coached basketball and was also an athletic director. For the last 17 years, he has operated ASP Clips, a family-owned business that sells fasteners to collision centers and repair shops.

Lindquist believes the experience he has amassed at ASP Clips will benefit the school board when it comes to making important business decisions. In addition, he is well immersed in the community given him the background knowledge and history to make informed decisions.

“Knowing what’s going on in the community and around different schools and get ahead of the growth and make sure we’re heading down the right path,” he said.

Lindquist previously served on the district’s bond committee and was exposed to the leadership skills within the school board and from Superintendent Rob Hart.

“The leadership in place has a good vision going forward,” Lindquist said. “You need the support of the community; the overall sum of everyone behind what’s going on.”

One of the challenges he hopes to tackle along with the rest of the school board is the growth the district is experiencing.

“To me it’s looking at future growth and trying to stay in front of that rather than being happy with where we’re at,” Lindquist explained. “We’ve got to get in front of what’s going on. There may be limitations with economics and government, but we can’t just sit around complacent because it’s an ever-changing environment.”

He plans to be as actively involved and engaged as possible.

“I’m big on community involvement,” Lindquist said. “I want to have everything for our kids and the community. I want us to have as many possibilities and opportunities as any other district. We shouldn’t be taking a step back to anybody.”

Lindquist has spent a good part of his life in his hometown of Liberty Hill. After graduating high school, he moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he lived from 1990 to 1997, and then in 1997 moved back to Williamson County. He was back in Liberty Hill by 1999.

He said he and his wife Laura moved to Liberty Hill because of the small town charm it provided.

“We still wanted to maintain that small town feel,” Lindquist said. “My wife came from a small town too. It was (a small town) for a while. Now we’re in the process of outgrowing our small town.”

He and Laura have been married for nearly two decades. She has worked on and off in retail, and together, have three children. Their high school sophomore, Trent, is on the junior varsity football team. Their eighth grader, Kaiah, is playing basketball this year and also played last year. Their youngest, Keira, is in second grade and is already immersing herself in the world of sports by being involved in the Liberty Hill Community League.

Lindquist is ready to hit the ground running once he is officially part of the school board.

“I figured it was a good way to get more involved and see if there’s anything else I can do to help out.”