BCSO contradicts Hall claim



In July, after the details of former Police Chief Maverick Campbell’s grievance with the City of Liberty Hill were detailed in The Independent, Mayor Rick Hall threatened to take legal action against the paper, claiming one alleged incident was not being investigated at all.

But the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office confirmed July 31 in response to an Open Records Request that the incident reported by Campbell to law enforcement is indeed being investigated.

In a report filed with the Burnet County Sheriff’s Department March 11 – and later detailed as well in his official grievance filed with the City – Campbell detailed an allegation from the City Council retreat at Canyon of the Eagles in January where he said Hall threatened his two sons, using a racially derogatory term in reference to them and telling them he would hang them both by their necks from a tree.

At the time Hall leveled the threat of a lawsuit against the paper, he claimed that Burnet County law enforcement told him it would not be investigated.

“They said they’re not going to investigate it because it’s not accurate,” Hall said, saying that’s what he was told when he spoke to them, though he referenced the Burnet Police Department. “I was called and told there was a police investigation about this and because it was at Canyon of the Eagles it was turned over to the LCRA. LCRA said ‘I’m not doing nothing about this.’ There’s no proof this happened. Burnet County police department said they’re not going to investigate it because there’s no proof that it happened.”

But in a statement received from the BCSO on July 31, Captain Tim Dillard of the Criminal Investigations Division, said it will be investigated.

“The investigation into these class C misdemeanor allegations had been suspended for a time while awaiting further information from Mr. Campbell. (Last week) he agreed to provide that information, so the case has become active again. Mr. Hall has provided the names of several potential witnesses who were present at the event where these alleged offenses occurred. We are in the process of scheduling and conducting interviews with these potential witnesses.”

According to Campbell, his two sons are awaiting a Child Advocacy Forensic Interview as part of the investigation.

Without addressing any specific allegations, Hall categorically denied in June that there was any truth to any of the allegations made by Campbell in his grievance.

“I can tell you this, that the comments made in there are not valid,” Hall previously said in an interview regarding the grievance. “At the initial point some of these comments were made, Becky (Wilkins) spoke to every one of the employees and there was no comments from any of the employees that came remotely close to all that. This is the typical thing that happens with a disgruntled employee, or ex-employee trying to divert the real things from them to someone else to try to discredit somebody else when they’re the ones in trouble.”