Aurora Trahan seeking Place 6 on LHISD Board


Aurora Trahan and her family moved into Liberty Hill ISD in time for her now first-grader to begin kindergarten in the district last year. At the same time that schooling began, she dove into being involved in the district as a parent and volunteer.

“We’re getting started on our academic journey and we’re here for the long haul,” she said. “From go I really got involved locally. I am currently the vice president of our PTO at Santa Rita Elementary and last year when we were at Rancho Sienna I led the education connection literacy program. I participated in the district education improvement and then the long range planning committee at the district level. I’m someone who has jumped in and stayed connected.”

Seeking a role with the school board was a logical next step in being involved and Trahan saw it as a way to impact what she sees as most important to LHISD.

“I want to jump in, I want to preserve the Panther culture,” she said. “It’s not easy to do as we grow, but we have to embrace the growth and admit it is here to be successful.”

The connections she’s made in her volunteer work in the district are something Trahan sees as an asset to serving on the board.

“I’ve done a lot to build relationships and be someone that folks can trust and go to for information and updates and I think joining the board would allow me to do that on a wider scale, and of course have a hand in decision-making that impacts more than the ways I am with the school today,” she said.

With a Master’s degree in healthcare management, she sees definite parallels between what she does professionally and the work the school board does.

“In my work, and what I think would translate very well into being a member of the school board, I have developed strong communication skills, I am very comfortable with ambiguity and been able to make decisions and plan ahead whether that be logistically or financially in the face of many variables,” she said. “You don’t always have all the answers, but you know you need to keep the train moving.”

Driving others to get involved to bring more people to the table is always important.

“I serve on the board of directors for a clinic in downtown Austin and I’m very involved and community driven,” Trahan said. “It is important for parents to be involved and there are certainly partnerships between community, board and school district that need to happen. Raising your hand and asking ‘how can I learn what’s going on?’ is just as important as a community member and parent as it is on the other side in a leadership role.”

To build that interest and involvement, Trahan said board members should be visible and accessible.

“There’s an element of accessibility for board members to have for the community partnership to really be in place and I’ve gotten to know a lot of the parents in the community,” she said. “I’ve taken my committee roles to heart, I’m always sharing and posting and talking with folks in the neighborhood about what I’m learning and encouraging others to get involved. I think as a board member I would continue that.”

While she has been involved in the planning for the continuing growth, Trahan also believes it is important to look beyond buildings to how the educational experience can be enhanced by the growth.

“It’s not just preparing for the volume, but really thinking through as more folks choose and move to Liberty Hill we’re getting more students that can translate into more talent, more diverse interests, so how are we going to grow to not only make sure or district is strong and folks get a consistent excellent education, but how do we use that to propel forward what we can offer today versus what we can offer in the future?”

Having just started her family’s journey in the district, Trahan believes she has a lot of opportunity to make a positive impact.

“The town is growing and I think you need people that care, people who can look ahead and make logical, sound decisions along the way so that by the time we are in the middle school and high school we are continuing to have the great experience that brought us here.”